What You Should Do If You Experience Sudden Onset Back Pain!

It could happen at anytime. You might be exercising, cleaning the house, cutting the lawn, picking something up off of the floor, or just getting out of a chair. Something you have done a hundred times before. But this time, something happens. You slip just a bit, or stumble a little, or twist your back in a way you shouldn't, and just like that you feel a sudden, sharp pain in your back!


When sudden onset back pain happens, it can have several effects on the body. The pain could feel like a stabbing sensation, or it may extend outward from the back and radiate to other areas of the body. It might also be so severe that you can't stand up straight. This pain can last anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks, and might even become chronic.

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When you do experience sudden onset back pain, follow these steps to help relieve the pain:

  • Lower your amount of activity immediately after the sudden onset of back pain, but only for a couple days. Then slowly and gradually begin to resume your normal activities as soon as you can.
  • For the next six weeks, do not twist the back in any way or do any heavy lifting at all.
  • Start doing some light aerobic style exercise, like walking, swimming, or riding a bike. Activites like these strengthen the muscles in the stomach and lower back area along with improving blood flow to your back, all of which promote healing without being jarring to the body.
  • You may want to begin some stretching or strengthening exercises such as physical therapy. For that you should seek out a back specialist or physical therapist to determine your next move.


NOTE: If along with the sudden back pain you experience a loss of control in your bladder or bowel or you have a high temperature, it can be a very serious condition and you need to see a doctor immediately.


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