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Back Pain and Sciatica Treatment Webinar

  • Calendar Icon.pngWednesday, May 30th
    at 12:00 PM
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If you suffer with Back Pain and Sciatica, this webinar is for you.  During this webinar we will discuss several topics:

  • What is Back Pain and Sciatica?
  • How to eliminate your Back Pain and Sciatica without the use of Drugs or Surgery
  • What causes Back Pain and Sciatica?
  • Things you can do at home to eliminate your Back Pain and Sciatica
  • What you need to know to make sure your Back Pain and Sciatica does not come back
  • The newest research on Back Pain and Sciatica

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Dr. Nick Andriacchi


Before coming to the Illinois Back Institute, surgeon Nick Andriacchi had tried other forms of treatment, even going so far as trying laser therapy to relieve his pain when he wasn’t getting any better. No other form of physical therapy was working and he didn’t want to try pain medication, knowing the side affects could cause grogginess, something that could further hinder his ability to perform medical procedures. “I like to be at the top of my game for whatever I do,” he says. He thought his only other option would be surgery, until he came to the Illinois Back Institute.

Dan Hampton

020"When I played football, I played as hard as I could. And my spine paid the price. I was thinking I would need surgery, until I went to the Illinois Back Institute and met Dr. Jeff. I can now do all the things I want to do without back pain."

Dr. Jeff Winternheimer

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Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. will be presenting about non-surgical based therapy that helps eliminate:

1. Herniated Discs

2. Bulging Discs

3. Degenerated Discs

4. Sciatica

5. Stenosis

6. Back Pain

He will also be talking about some of the most recent scientific breakthroughs to help you live pain free. So make sure you attend!