The Best Hamstring Stretches to Help Relieve Lower Back Pain!



For anyone suffering with Lower Back Pain, stretching often is very important. In particular, stretching the hamstring twice a day is one of the easiest things you can do to help provide relief. This is because if your hamstrings are tight, they can place extra stress on the lower back, which can lead to pain in the area. So keeping them loose and relaxed can be crucial for preventing any additional stress from causing even more pain.

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Here are three simple hamstring stretches that can help reduce lower back pain:

Hamstring Stretch #1

  • Lie down on your back. Keep one leg straight, and pull the other leg up to your chest.
  • Straighten the bent knee so that the bottom of your foot is facing the ceiling.
  • Hold the stretch for 30 seconds before slowly releasing, then repeat with the other leg.


Hamstring Stretch #2

  • Sit in a sturdy chair, and scoot to the edge.
  • While keeping one leg bent with the foot on the floor, stretch the other leg out in front of you so that the toes are pointed at the ceiling.
  • Sit up straight, and slowly move your pelvis forward until you feel a light stretch on the back of the leg.
  • Hold the position for 30 seconds, then repeat.


Hamstring Stretch #3

  • Grab a towel and lie down on the floor
  • Keep one leg straight, and wrap the towel around the back of the ankle on the other leg.
  • While keeping the leg straight, pull it up using the towel until you feel a light stretch on the back of the leg.
  • Hold this stretch for 30 seconds, then repeat again for the other leg.


Once you have been doing these stretches for a while, you will find that your hamstrings have actually lengthened. This decreases the stress on the lower back and reduces pain, and also improves mobility!


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