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Degenerative Disc Disease is the damaged vertebral disc causes chronic pain in either your lower back or neck. Damage to the disc occurs naturally or through a twisting injury where the inner and/or outer portions of the disc may tear, uncovering or irritating the nerves on the outer edge. The symptoms are most common in individuals age 30 to 60 years old.

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Nora Finds a Solution for her Degenerated Disc

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    • “It has allowed me to do things at my age that I couldn’t do 10 – 20 years ago?” Mary Jane Saltijeral
    • “I feel so much better now. Just with the therapy, working at home and the encouraging staff. Coming to the Illinois Back Institute was my resolution and it has really helped me tremendously.” Carmelita Hubbard 
    • "I feel like a million dollars. I am a happy young man with a lot to look forward to.” Tony Berardi