Are surgery and injections the only answer to alleviate pain from your herniated disc?

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allen-gill-mriEach year, thousands of people suffering from back pain caused by ruptured, or herniated, discs resort to serious invasive medical procedures such as surgery or injections in an effort to alleviate their pain, and return to normal living. But are such types of herniated disc treatment really the only answer?

If you've tried everything and still experience chronic back pain, you may be a candidate for a nonsurgical, drug-free treatment called Functional Disc Rehydration.

A Functional Disc Rehydration treatment will relieve the pressure off the disc by allowing the nutrients to flow back into the disc, and strengthen and reactivate supporting muscles to help the spine become stable.

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  • Information about a nonsurgical, drug-free treatment called Functional Disc Rehydration
  • If you've had surgery and it didn't work, what other options are available to you
  • Advice and suggestions for the next steps you should take for relieving your back pain

Symptoms of a herniated disc

Herniated disc symptoms vary for each patient. There are some herniated disc cases that a patient may not show any symptoms at all. However, leg pain is commonly associated with herniated discs. 

Typically you can expect:

  • The pain to be continual or sporadic depending on the situation
  • The pain to be aggravated by sitting, prolonged standing, and bending or twisting movements
  • The pain to increase when sneezing, coughing, or straining your body

How we eliminate pain from herniated discs 


Elaine Jones came to us suffering from 3 herniated discs that were bulging. A herniated disc happens when an intervertebral disc degenerates and weakens enough to rip open, occasionally allowing inner core disc material to leak into the spinal column. Elaine began to feel a burning sensation in her right leg and was in so much pain that she was barely able to walk.

Our treatment using Functional Disc Rehydration at the Illinois Back Institute was able to stop the burning in Elaine‚Äôs leg and correct her herniated disc. Elaine is now able to walk and do her everyday activities.

See her full story below: 

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