Herniated Disc Treatment Case Study: Allen Gill


We performed a study in 2007 and from that study we found that our process known as Functional Disc Stabilization had the ability to eliminate herniated discs. Believe it or not, before our study we didn’t know herniated discs would go away.

Essentially the entire herniated disc and the symptoms associated with the herniated disc would go away. Symptoms that improved were pain, stiffness and sciatica. You Feel Better.


Shortly after we performed our study, Allen Gill entered our office looking for relief for his back pains. As it turned out, he had a very large Herniated Disc. Allen had heard about the Illinois Back Institute and the study that was conducted from his coworker, and was hoping we could help him with his condition.


Allen Gill was a 54 year old social worker with a full time practice located in Naperville, IL. He had a long history of back pain, and before he came to us his condition was definitely getting worse.

Like most Herniated Disc patients, he had tried Physical Therapy and did not get any better with those treatments. He then decided to try injections but his pain was still bad. Suddenly, the only option Allen had left was surgery.

  • He consulted with several surgeons and they all said he needed surgery.
Instead of having the surgery he managed his life so he could live with the condition. He found that when he did less, he could avoid the severe crippling pain, so his thought was avoiding activities allowed him to both avoid the severe pain and avoid surgery. But the condition was slowly getting worse, so his future was unknown (this is when he entered our office).

  • Many of our patients limit their lifestyle and activities because of pain.  The end result is that you become less involved in life and it slowly passes you by.  Even worse, the muscles that support your spine get weaker with less activity, and this leads to your problem slowly getting worse.

Allen Gill suffered from a Herniated Disc. What happens over time with a herniated disc is the inner gel of the nucleus breaks through the outer portion of the disc and pushes into the spinal canal.  The Spinal canal is where both the spinal cord and very delicate and sensitive nerves are located. That’s why this condition can become so painful.
  • Herniated discs are probably the most complicated of all back problems and traditional treatments just don’t work. So, many people find themselves in this holding pattern waiting for something to happen. They are trying to avoid surgery, but in reality they are slowly getting worse.

The herniated discs become worse because over time the gel can continue to come out, and in reality the herniated disc will get larger even when you are avoiding activities. This was the case with Allen Gill.

Allen wasn’t too sure about getting the surgery so he thought he was going to live with the pain. But because he was in a holding pattern his herniation got bigger, and it got to the point where it became too hard to live with. The herniation tends to put a great deal of pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerves.
Over time, he started to feel more back pain and also experienced a great deal of pain in both legs (this is known as sciatica). So when he found out about us and what we were doing he jumped on the chance to see if we could help.

  • It got to the point where Allen was no longer able to enjoy or even go on vacations.  He then decided he had to do something.
He came in to the Illinois Back Institute looking for some relief. We sent him for a MRI and what we saw was a surprise. He had the largest herniated disc we had ever seen to that time.


We all looked at the MRI and he said “can you fix it?“ We knew we could make him feel better, although because the herniation was so large we didn’t know for sure if his herniated disc would go completely away.  So we all agreed that we would monitor the disc closely by using a MRI.

He underwent 20 of our treatments and was feeling much better. A second MRI was performed and his herniated disc was about 80 percent better.  We were all happy and excited.


He then continued for 20 more treatments, and stated all pain in the legs and back was gone completely. We continued for a few more treatments to ensure his spine was strong and stable. When his pain was gone and his spine was stable we sent him for his 3rd MRI.  From the start of his treatment to the 3rd MRI over 3 months of time had passed.


  • The 3rd MRI revealed complete elimination of his Herniated Disc.
The result was complete elimination of his herniated disc. We were all pleased with the end result and it was definitely one for the record books (at the time.)  We have since replicated this on 1000's of patients, and we have had treated several herniated discs even larger than Allen Gill's.

  • We don’t consider this a miracle because it took some effort, and the fundamentals and science are sound. More importantly, it’s able to be replicated.
And most importantly, he can finally take that vacation he has been putting off! 

We have included his before and after MRI images in a time line, to help you see the complete elimination of his massive Herniated Disc.


We saved another one from surgery!

If you have a Herniated Disc or if you have back pain that is not going away (a potential Herniated Disc) you owe it to yourself and everyone that you spend time with to make an appointment. More importantly you want to make sure its not getting worse.

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