The Herniated Disc Pain Relief Center

Herniated-Disc-WhitepaperGain access to free resources and learn everything you need to know about Herniated Discs!

The Herniated Disc Pain Relief Center has been developed by our team of experts at the Illinois Back Institute to ensure you have what you need to know everything possible about herniated discs.





The Herniated Disc Relief Center includes the following:

  • Free White paper: What is a Herniated Disc
  • Free White paper: 11 Natural Treatments of a Herniated Disc
  • Free Guide: 6 Stretches to Help Relieve Herniated Disc Pain
  • Free Ebook: Common Causes of Herniated Discs
  • Information about IBI's revolutionary Functional Disc Rehydration(TM)
  • How to get a free back consultation and end your back pain without surgery

PLUS: Resources are updated each month. Gain access to a lifetime of free herniated disc resources at your convenience.

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