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Your Five Best Tips Of The Week For Relieving Back Pain #7

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Wed, Jan 13, 2016 @ 03:45 PM

Your Five Best Tips Of The Week For Relieving Back Pain

Every week, Illinois Back Institute sends out five of our best back pain tips, stretches, diet tips, case studies, and informational articles. This week includes a tip about how to breathe properly, a stretch that can help with Sciatica pain, a case study about a woman who was suffering from back pain and sciatica for 30 years, a tip about how your shoes could be causing you back and neck pain, and some invaluable resources!


Back Pain Relief Tip: What Is The Correct Way To Breathe?

Breathing is obviously a vital part of our lives, and most people do not give it a second thought. However, what many people may not realize is that they are not breathing in the best and proper way. And the way you breathe can have a big effect on your back pain!

To learn more about this Back Pain Relief Tip, click the headline above or the picture to the right!

sciatica_stretch_10.2cSciatica Stretches Tip #10 - Calf Stretch

The Sciatic Nerve is the largest nerve in the human body and is about as wide as a thumb. It travels from the lower spine down through the legs and all the way down to the foot. Because of that, Sciatica pain can cause numbness or even soreness in the calf. The Calf Stretch can help relieve the pain present in the calf due to Sciatica.

You can learn how to perform this stretch by clicking on the headline above or the picture to the left!

Case Study #111 - Unbelievable! She Suffered From Back Pain and Sciatica For OVER 30 YEARS Until Our Treatment Relieved Her Pain!

The following is a case study about a 59 year old woman who came to see us for help with her back problems. She not only had been experiencing severe pain in her back, but it was radiating all the way down to her foot as well. And this had been happening off and on for over 30 years. She had seen several doctors and tried everything short of surgery to help end the pain, but after every treatment the pain would always return. She was worried that nothing more could be done to help her, but then she found the Illinois Back Institute!

Learn how we were able to eliminate her pain by clicking on the headline or picture above!


8 Ways Your Shoes Can Be CAUSING Your Back and Sciatica Pain!

Back and Sciatica pain can develop first at your feet and move up from there. So it is needless to say that the kind of shoes you are wearing can have a big effect on your pain. Ill-fitting or non-supportive shoes can cause changes to the way you walk, which can begin a chain reaction of events. For instance, it can cause your legs and feet to adjust their movements to compensate, which can cause your pelvis to tilt forward. This places a lot more pressure on the lower back and can greatly increase back and sciatica pain.

Click on the headline above or picture to the right to learn more!

lower-back-pain-2.jpg6 Resources You Must Know

At the Illinois Back Institute, it is our belief that the more you understand your problem, the more likely you are to eliminate it. For that reason we have created these 6 Free Resources, which are invaluable to people suffering with Back Pain and Sciatica. We have spent over 20 years researching and learning about what it takes to get rid of your Back Pain and Sciatica, and by utilizing these resources you can too! 

To receive these Free Resources, click on the headline above or the picture to the right!

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At the Illinois Back Institute, we want to educate as many people as possible about their back pain and sciatica, because it has been proven that the more that you understand your problem, the more likely you are to eliminate it. This is why we regularly hold Free Educational Seminars at each one of our clinics! Click the button to the right to see upcoming dates and to reserve a seat!

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