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Wow! Massive Herniated Disc Treatment Saved This Patient From Surgery

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Tue, May 30, 2017 @ 05:00 PM

The following case study is about a patient who came to the Illinois Back Institute for treatment of her back pain.

HD MRI - charlene 470x246.png

Not all Herniated Discs are the same. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and this one qualified as massive. It was so big that it was pressing on the nerves of both the right side and the left side of the patient's lower back. At the Illinois Back Institute, we have seen some big Herniated Discs, and this one was definitely in the top 3.

This 49 year old female presented to our office with a very large herniated disc and severe back pain. Her pain started in 2010 and over time was definitely getting worse. An average day of pain for her was a 4 and when it got bad it was up to an 8-9 (with ten being the worst).

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Before she came to see us she had some physical therapy at a well-known clinic. Then in August of 2013 she received 2 injections of cortisone in her back. Because those therapies did not work she ended up in the office of a Neurosurgeon. The surgeon said she needed surgery, but before he would perform the surgery he told her that she needed to lose weight. He wanted to do a fusion surgery, the most costly and the most complicated of all back surgeries.

She reluctantly decided that the surgery was her only option because she couldn’t live with the pain any longer. The Herniated Disc and Sciatica were so bad that the doctor advised her not to exercise, making losing weight extremely difficult. But, she set out on her plan and was working hard to lose weight. Then in January of 2014 she saw our TV show and thought, "what I have got to lose? I am just sitting around waiting to lose weight before being able to get surgery, so I might as well give it a try."

When she entered our clinic her primary goal was to eliminate her pain, and if we could help eliminate the herniated disc that would be even better. Her secondary goal was that she wanted her life back. She had scheduled a vacation through Europe and was worried that her back pain would prevent her from going, so she was determined not to let that happen.

We started with therapy and worked hard to make her feel better. Our goal was to eliminate her pain and make her strong enough to participate in her vacation. Also, we were determined to try to eliminate her herniated disc. Progress was slow, and with the herniated disc being as large as it was we knew it would be a challenge. But she was committed to the process, and our team is always up for a good challenge. 

At the end of care we were able to determine that she was stable and strong enough to participate on her motorcycle tour. And when we sent her for a follow up MRI, it showed that her massive Herniated Disc was completely gone! She was pain free and herniation free!

Our goal is eliminate your pain and avoid surgery but most importantly we give you your life back so you live more life. 

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Click here to watch a video testimonial with the patient!


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