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Why The Illinois Back Institute Team Is Different From The Standard Places That Treat Back Pain And Sciatica

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Fri, Apr 14, 2017 @ 04:28 PM

Orland Outside 470x246.pngWe are often asked many questions from people wanting to know more about us. They of course want to find out more about our unique treatment for back pain and sciatica, Functional Disc Stabilization, and how it works. In addition to that, the other most common question we get asked is some version of, "Why is the Illinois Back Institute so much different or better than the standard places of treatment that my general practitioner or other doctors prescribe?" Our answer is, quite simply, that at the Illinois Back Institute we are a team made up of various doctors and medical professionals, who all work together to provide the best treatment for each and every patient.

In the healthcare industry, one of the biggest problems is that the system is very fragmented. When patients have a problem they often have to see several different doctors about it, who are usually at their own practices and have little to no communication with each other. Because of this, and the fact that these doctors work almost exclusively independent of each other, there is very little continuity in patients' care. Here is one common example of this: someone is suffering with back pain and sciatica, so they go to see their family doctor. The doctor sends the patient somewhere for physical therapy. If that doesn't work, the patient may then get sent to a chiropractor. And then to somewhere else. And so on, and so on. However, each of these doctors are doing their own treatment completely independent from others, instead of working together with them in order to solve the problem.

It is this area that the Illinois Back Institute differs from most of the healthcare industry. We are a team of specialists who all communicate and work closely together in order to determine the optimal course of action to target the source of each patient's back pain and sciatica and eliminate it. Our team of specialists include:

  • Medical Doctors
  • Doctors of Physical Therapy
  • Doctors of Chiropractic
  • Board Certified Pain Specialists
  • Nurse Practitioners


When someone comes to IBI for help with their back pain and sciatica, we want them to be assured that they are getting the very best treatment available. We want them to know that instead of having to see individual doctors in their individual practices, when they come to us the doctors are all in one place and working in sync to help them to eliminate their back pain and sciatica.

We believe in having specialized and highly skilled doctors who all work with each other on a consistent basis, with a focus on attaining true excellence in our outcomes for back pain and sciatica treatment. We believe that this model is the future of health care, and we are at the forefront.


At the Illinois Back Institute we strive to educate people as much as possible about their back, neck, and sciatica pain, because it has been proven that the more people know about their pain the more likely they will be to get rid of it!

Our 9 Step Solution specializes in treating the causes of back pain and sciatica. Are you ready to put an end to your pain? Schedule a Free Consultation by calling us at 844-408-0462 or click here!


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