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What You Need To Know To Avoid Back Pain While Doing Yard Work

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Fri, May 13, 2016 @ 05:13 PM

blue_spine_guy.jpgSpringtime is here and the temperature is rising. For anyone who is a homeowner, this means it is time to begin doing working on the yard. Whether it involves planting grass or flowers, some landscaping projects, or just generally cleaning up after the long winter, most everyone has to do some sort of lawn work. Unfortunately, it is also a common cause of back pain.

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There are several ways that yard work can lead to back problems. Poor posture from digging and raking, frequent bending over, even the motion of pushing a lawn mower; all of these add unneeded stress to the back and can lead to muscle strains or damaged discs. So, it is important to prepare properly before doing yard work. These simple tips can help prevent back pain:

  • Don't work at the hottest time of the day! Work earlier or later in the day if possible.
  • Warm up first by taking a short walk. This helps to loosen up all of your muscles for the work ahead.
  • Do some simple stretches before and after doing the yard work. A couple suggestions include some knee-to-chest pulls, and some side bends with your hands above your head with your fingers locked.
  • Maintaining a good posture is important. So stand as straight as possible when working, and keep your head up.
  • When raking, stand up straight and position yourself so that one foot is slightly ahead of the other. Then switch after a while.
  • Be sure to bend at the knees and hip whenever you are picking things up. This is something a lot of people forget to do, especially as they get more tired.
  • Be careful if your lawnmower requires you to pull a cord to start it! Many people twist their back when pulling the cord and cause major back problems. Instead bend at the hips and knees and pull in one smooth motion.
  • When cutting the grass, make sure you push the lawn mower with your whole body weight instead of just pushing with your arms and back.
  • Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water.


By following these tips you can complete your yard work without any back pain!


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