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The Ultimate Back Pain Relief Tips Blog

Ultimate Back Pain Tips Weekly Newsletter - November #1

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Thu, Nov 05, 2015 @ 05:06 PM


Ultimate Back Pain Tips Weekly Newsletter



Back Pain Relief Tip: The Correct Way To Get Out Of Bed

Getting out of bed is something that almost everyone does on a daily basis. It seems simple enough for most people, but anyone who is suffering with back problems know that even the tasks that seem the easiest can be some of the most challenging. For people with back, neck, or sciatica pain, just getting out of bed can not only be difficult, but extremely painful.

This Back Pain Relief Tip is about the proper way to get out of bed so that you do not put extra pressure on the spine and cause more pain. We call it the Logroll! To learn more about this technique, click the headling above or the picture to the right!

Sciatica Stretches Tip #5 - Sphinx

This Sciatica Stretch is called the Sphinx, or Lower Abdomen Stretch. This exercise is going to help stretch your abdominals while also assisting in pushing a bulging disc back into place. This is a manual way to try and decrease your sciatica symptoms that are being caused by a disc bulging onto a nerve.

To learn how to perform the Sphinx stretch, and to find out about our other Sciatica Stretches, click the headline above or the picture to the left!

Back Pain Diet Tip - Green Tea (with recipes)

Diet Tip #6 on our list of foods that are good for your back health is Green Tea. Green Tea is filled with all kinds of compounds and nutrients that are not only beneficial for your back, but also for many other parts of your body as well! Some people have even called it the healthiest drink on the planet!

You can learn more about why Green Tea is so good for you by clicking on the headline above or picture to the right. We have also included some tasty recipes for Green Tea!

epidural2.jpgAre Cortisone Shots Good For Back Pain? What You NEED To Know About Them!

Back, Neck, and Sciatica pain can be severe and debilitating. Anyone who has suffered with this pain knows just how bad it can be, and most would do just about anything to be rid of it. Often times, when regular therapies such as Physical Therapy or Chiropractic aren't working or the patient is in too much pain to do them, doctors will suggest getting a Cortisone Steroid Shot in the injured area. But many people do not know much about these injections. What are these shots? What do they do? What are the side effects?

Click on the headline or picture above to learn the things people NEED to know about Cortisone shots before agreeing to get one!

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At the Illinois Back Institute, we want to educate as many people as possible about their back pain and sciatica, because it has been proven that the more that you understand your problem, the more likely you are to eliminate it. This is why we regularly hold Free Educational Seminars at each one of our clinics! Click the button to the right to see upcoming dates and to reserve a seat!