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Two Simple Daily Stretches For Sciatica Pain Relief

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Fri, Feb 05, 2016 @ 04:25 PM

sciatica_hamstring_stretch.jpgAnyone who has suffered from Sciatica for any length of time knows just how painful it can be. For some, it can be something that is a constant or chronic pain that they must deal with on a daily basis. For others, Sciatica might be something that comes and goes, with the pain decreasing for a while only to come back with full force. But no matter how Sciatica affects your life, steps should be taken to relieve and prevent this pain.

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The best way to help prevent sciatica pain is to increase the flexibility and strength in your back, buttocks, and thighs. By doing these two simple exercises regularly, you can see some improvement in your pain. Both of these stretches are done while sitting on the floor, so find make sure you have a space that you can sit down with your legs stretched out in front of you. Remember to be careful, and don't do any stretches or movements that cause pain. Don't overdo it!

-- Seated Hamstring Stretch (pictured above): Sit on the floor with your legs extended straight in front of you. Bend your right leg and pull the foot towards you until the sole is against your left knee. You can pull the foot back further towards your thigh if there is no pain and you can do it comfortably. Now, bend at the hips and lean forward slowly, trying to touch the toes of your left foot. You should reach as far as you can without any pain, until you feel the stretch in the back of your thigh. Be sure your movements are slow and steady so that you're not bouncing as you stretch forward. Hold the stretch for about 15 seconds, then slowly pull back and repeat for the other leg. Do this 3 times for each side.

-- Twisting Stretch: Sit on the floor with legs straight. Bend your right leg and bring your knee up, so that the sole of your foot is on the floor beside your left knee. Next, place your left hand on your right thigh and slowly turn to your right as far as possible without causing pain. Be sure to sit tall and keep your back straight. Hold that position for 15 seconds before slowly releasing. Then repeat for the other side, 3 times for each side.


By diligently doing these exercises, you should begin to see some overall improvement in your Sciatica pain!


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