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The Most Common Natural Herniated Disc Treatments And What You Should Know About Them

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Wed, Jan 10, 2018 @ 04:38 PM

Herniated Disc.gifWe've previously discussed the most common treatments that most doctors prescribe for Herniated Discs, and what you need to know about them. As we said, many of these treatments may work for a short amount of time, but after a while the pain will often come back and sometimes be even worse than before.

Instead of the regular treatments doctors may prescribe, many people suffering with Herniated Discs may prefer a more natural treatment, without any drugs or invasive procedures. We are now going to discuss some of the most common natural treatments for Herniated Discs:

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- Natural Treatment #1: Keeping It Easy/Limited Bed Rest

This is an obvious answer, but usually not very practical. For one, most people are too busy with their daily lives to do this. Second, sitting or laying down for extended periods can make Herniated Disc pain worse. And third, if the pain is too severe then this treatment will not be very effective anyway.

- Natural Treatment #2: Heat and Cold

This is another very common treatment that many people do at home. But lots of people also do it wrong because they do not know when they should use ice packs or when to use hot compresses. The general rule of thumb is that ice or cold is used when the pain is immediate or has suddenly become worse like when someone does something strenuous and the pain is worse than usual, and heat is for persistant pain like if there is constant soreness in the back. Alternating between ice and heat can also help.

- Natural Treatment #3: Exercising

Some people may think exercising with a Herniated Disc will just make it worse, but strengthening the muscles in your spine reduces the pressure on the discs and can reduce pain. Some light walking and low impact exercises to strengthen core muscles can be very effective. Just BE CAREFUL and don't overdo it.

- Natural Treatment #4: Yoga and Stretching

Yoga and other stretches can be good for Herniated Discs because they increase flexibility and movement, which can reduce pain. They also reduce stress and can improve posture. All of this can have a positive impact on Herniated Disc pain.

- Natural Treatment #5: Improving your Diet

The foods that we eat can have a big impact on Herniated Disc health, and a poor diet can cause chronic inflammation in the body and increase pain. Eating more natural and organic foods can reduce this inflammation. Eating better can also help decrease weight, which can also help with back pain.

- Natural Treatment #6: Massage Therapy

Massaging the area surrounding the Herniated Disc can help reduce pain and stress. It also relaxes the body by helping to release endorphins, which can also help to treat depression that many people with chronic back pain can suffer with.

- Natural Treatment #7: Acupuncture

While some people may not even consider acupuncture as a viable treatment, or do not like the thought of countless small pins and needles in their body, it can actually help with Herniated Disc pain by stimulating the body to release natural pain relieving opiods.

- Natural Treatment #8: Vitamin D

Many people may be suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency and not even realize it, from not getting enough sun exposure or having a poor diet. This can have a negative effect on Herniated Disc health because Vitamin D helps keep bones strong, which in turn can help prevent pain.


Just like with the other common treatments usually prescribed by doctors, each of these treatments may work when first used, and provide temporary relief from the pain for a period of time. But eventually, they almost always stop working because they don't treat what is causing the Herniated Disc. These treatments are only temporary solutions; they only cover up the injury and mask the pain, so the Herniated Disc is still there and the pain will eventually return.

Herniated Discs are difficult to treat because none of the traditional methods for treating them, like the ones mentioned above, do anything to treat the actual disc. What makes our treatment different and better is that not only is it completely natural, but we specifically target the Herniated Discs that are causing your pain, and we heal them.


At the Illinois Back Institute we strive to educate people as much as possible about their back, neck, and sciatica pain, because it has been proven that the more people know about their pain the more likely they will be to get rid of it!

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