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The Ultimate Back Pain Relief Tips Blog

The 2 Tips You MUST Know If You Have Back Pain!

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Wed, May 27, 2015 @ 03:57 PM

Hip_HingeOur clinics treat thousands of patients every month for back pain, and the learning opportunities are always present for us to teach you more about your pain. Our goal is to educate as many people as possible about what to do to eliminate your back pain and live pain free.

Having said that, I felt a strong need to communicate to you about this lesson ……….

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I saw a patient the other day who has had back pain for ten years. This patient suffered from a herniated disc and was starting to suffer some sciatica (pain down the leg) because of it. Over the last ten years this patient had seen many specialists and had undergone years of chiropractic, physical therapy, and injections. 

  • Even though this patient had several different treatments, the problem was still getting worse.

This story is not unique. 90% of our patients have tried other treatments at other treatment centers and not gotten better. Then after nothing else helps they come to see us.

To review a few cases of patients we have treated, click on one of the following links. This is a glimpse into our patients and how many had been treated at other clinics before coming to us and getting better with our treatments:

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  3. His Sciatica was so bad he couldn't work, he then found relief with our treatment.  
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  5. Michael Smith's Herniated Disc and Sciatica Treatment Case Report Video 
When you get treatment but don’t get any better it can be frustrating and depressing. When I saw that patient from earlier their frustration level was very high. The reason all of this is even important is because this patient is like all the patients we see. When they go to other clinics before seeing us they are not taught these tips.

  • Fundamentally, these tips are as important as your dentist telling you to brush your teeth.

The foundation of these tips is that there are everyday activities that will make your back worse and simple activities that will help to make your back feel better. If you commit to these tips you will be rewarded. It is just like brushing your teeth; if you commit to doing it every day it will become a habit, and you will just automatically do it.

  • Make these tips and exercises a part of your life and you will have less pain!

These tips have everything to do with the way you sit and bend. The problem with our modern world is that we have become a sitting culture; we sit to watch TV, we sit at work, we sit in our cars, and we sit to see what our friends are up to on Facebook. All of this sitting takes a toll on our spines. 

Along with sitting taking a toll, bending the wrong way can also cause serious stress on the discs in our spines. There is a right way and a wrong way to bend and 90% of us bend the wrong way, and each time we bend wrong we overload our discs and start to have a breakdown in the disc. 

  • Too much bending the wrong way can lead to pain in the discs and eventually to herniated discs.

So if you have back pain and you incorporate these tips into your lifestyle you can decrease the load and prevent further damage to the discs. If you don’t have back pain these tips will prevent the wear and tear that happens when you overload the discs.

There are more tips than just these two, but if I gave you 20 tips or more you would not do any of them. We will start with 2 and progress from there. Start slow and slowly add more to your lifestyle habits and you will start to feel better. 

  • This is a good principle for any part of your life: start slowly with new good habits and things will get better. 

You may be wondering, why is this so important to me? Because the patient that I saw yesterday was suffering and nobody ever even took 5 minutes to explain to them what they were doing wrong. Or worse, some clinics tell you 30 things that you need to change and all it does is confuse you. So you end up doing zero. And zero is never good.

So what are the tips?

1. The Dr Jeff Stretch

2. The Hip Hinge

If you start to do this every day, making it a part of your habits and not stopping, you will start to feel better. Don’t try to change everything, just start with these stretches. Simple activities done every day can payoff in the long run.

  • The fundamental principle is that these activates are easy to perform. You just need to start.

We also have what I call the Top Ten Tips for back pain, if you want more information click the link below: 

10 Tips & 10 Videos for a Healthy Back!

Studies show that you can eliminate 60% of your back related symptoms by following a simple daily routine.

By signing up for our free email series, you will receive ten tips that help you maintain a healthy back. Each tip is equipped with an educational video that teaches you how to perform the tip correctly.


In the Back Tip Emails You Will Learn:

  • “What to do” and “what NOT to do” when it comes to your back and neck! Everything from the way you stand when you brush your teeth to the way you get in and out of a car.
  • Simple solutions that will help eliminate your back and neck pain.
  • How to do daily tasks the right way!

The insight and value of these tips is beneficial to one who has existing back and/or neck pain and would like to prevent further damage. The Illinois Back Institute is dedicated to educating people. These tips allow us to help you one email at a time! Click on the headline above or the button below to sign up! 
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