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The 10 Free Resources Everyone MUST Know If They Are Suffering With Back Pain Or Sciatica

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Fri, Jun 12, 2015 @ 01:20 PM

Dr_Jeff_G_and_L_1At the Illinois Back Institute, we treat thousands of patients every month for Neck, Back, and Sciatica Pain. Often when people experience this kind of pain they do not really know the cause of the pain or why it is happening. We want to help as many people as we can, and one of our goals is to educate you as much as possible about what you can do to eliminate your back problems and live pain free! 

It is our belief that the more you understand your problem, the more likely you are to eliminate it. For that reason we have created these 10 Free Resources, which are invaluable to people suffering with Back Pain and Sciatica. We have spent over 20 years researching and learning about what it takes to get rid of your Back Pain and Sciatica, and by utilizing these resources you can too!

Resource #1 - The Top Ten Tips For Back Pain Relief

The spine is designed in such a way that certain positions and movements are good for its health and others are bad. If you perform the bad movements for too long, it will begin to cause problems with your spine that can lead to a lifetime of pain. However, if you perform the proper movements and avoid doing the bad things, you can not only eliminate your back pains but also be able to maintain a healthy spine for years to come.

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Resource #2 - The 10 Part Email Series About Sciatica

It is our belief that the more you know about your problem, the more likely you are to eliminate it. This is why we have our Free 10 Part email series that is all about Sciatica. In this series you will learn what Sciatica is, what causes it, its symptoms, how to stop it, and much more! This information is invaluable for anyone who wants to learn all about Sciatica.

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Resource #3 - The Top Ten Sciatica Stretches

If you suffer with Sciatica or Back Pain, you need to have balance in your muscles, because when your muscles are out of balance or too tight it can lead to more Sciatica pain. These Free 10 stretches will help you find balance so that you can start to eliminate your pain and help ensure that your pain does not come back.

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Resource #4 - The Top 10 Diet Tips For a Healthy Back

Similar to how there are good and bad movements and posture that can affect your back health, there are also good and bad foods that can as well. Certain foods are inflammatory, meaning they cause inflammation and make your pain worse. Conversely there are specific foods that can reduce your back pain because they are anti-inflammatory and can decrease inflammation. Eating more of the good foods and less of the bad ones will make your life better.

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Resource #5 - Sign Up For a Free Consultation

If you are suffering with Back Pain or Sciatica, we can help. Our treatment is so effective because we treat the main causes of Back Pain and Sciatica, including Herniated Disc, Bulging Disc, Degenerated Disc, and Stenosis. We have a team of doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors all working together to help patients. By scheduling a Free Consultation, we can answer any questions you may have, and you can see first hand how our treatment works. There is no obligation and it is completely free.

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Resource #6 - Join Us For A Free Back Pain and Sciatica Relief Seminar

Many people suffer with back pain and sciatica but have no idea what is actually causing their pain, or how. Others have questions about what we do at our clinics and how our treatments work. At our Free Seminars, we answer all of these questions and more. We have regular seminars at each of our clinics, and you can see the dates of the next seminar for each clinic at the link below.

For more information and to sign up, Click Here:

Upcoming Webinars at Illinois Back Institute

Resource #7 - The Sciatica Resource Center

Every year we successfully treat thousands of patients that are suffering with Sciatica. We have proven in our studies that we can eliminate the causes of Sciatica where other treatments fail. A major part of what helps patients get better is understanding what Sciatica is and what those causes are. Our Sciatica Resource Center contains loads of information that can help you better understand your Sciatica.

For more information, click here:

Sciatica Resource Center

Resource #8 - The Data Behind Functional Disc Rehydration

Nearly every day we get asked by someone just what our treatment is, and how does it work? When we talk about how our treatment can actually get healing in the discs of your spine and eliminate herniated and bulging discs, we know this because we participated in a formal study that proved this was the case.

For more information and to read the report, Click Here:

Free Special Report - The Data Behind Functional Disc Stabilization

Resource #9 - The Herniated Disc Resource Center

Herniated Discs are one of the main causes of back pain, and the most common cause of Sciatica. People who are suffering with a Herniated Disc know just how painful they can be, but often times they do not know what a Herniated Disc is exactly or what it means when a disc becomes herniated. Our Herniated Disc Resource Center contains lots of useful information that can help you learn more about Herniated Discs are so you can be better prepared to treat it.

For more information and to sign up, Click Here:

herniated disc resource center

Resource #10 - The 10 Part Email Series About Herniated Discs

Along with the Herniated Disc Resource Center, we also have a Brand New Free 10 Part Email Series all about Herniated Discs! This information is invaluable for people who are suffering with Herniated Discs and want to know more about them and what they can do to treat them.

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Bonus Resource #11 - The Risks of Back Surgery and Injections

Everyone who is suffering with Back Pain and Sciatica has some moments where they are in so much pain that they start to consider a more aggressive therapy to treat the pain. These aggressive therapies have inherent risks which can be very severe. We have a report about these risks to help better educate you about them so that you can make the best decision for your health.

For more information and to download the report, Click Here:

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