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Sciatica Part 9: Treating the Cause of Sciatica - Degenerated Discs and Stenosis

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Fri, May 15, 2015 @ 04:34 PM

sciatica_sct9This is Part 9 in our ongoing series about Sciatica. If you missed Part 8, Click Here!

Previously in Parts 7 and 8, we began the discussion about our treatment, Functional Disc Rehydration; we talked about how it works, and began to show how it can repair damage to the discs in your spine that are the cause of Sciatica. In Part 8 we showed several examples of patients who had our treatment and how it was able to repair their damaged discs and completely relieve their Sciatica pain. That part focused on the two most common causes of Sciatica, the Herniated Disc and the Bulging Disc. In this Part we will focus on the other two main disc related causes of Sciatica, the Degenerated Disc and Spinal Stenosis.

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This part will begin with the third most common cause of Sciatica, the Degenerated Disc.


The picture above is a sample that shows what a degenerated disc looks like compared to a healthy one. A degeneration of the disc occurs over time from repeated wear and tear, causing the disc to get thinner, misshapen, and to lose much of its nucleus (the jelly inside the disc). This causes pinching of the nerve, which leads to Sciatica. Below is an MRI of one of our patients with a Degenerated Disc:


One of the telltale signs of a Degenerated Disc is that on a MRI it appears dark on the inside. When a disc is completely healthy you should see a clear area inside the disc, because that is the nucleus you are seeing. So when it is dark like this, it means that most, if not all, of the nucleus is gone. Here is that patient's MRI after our treatment:


As you can see, the inside of the disc now has a distinct clear area, and has become thicker as well. This means that our treatment was able to replenish the nucleus and also repair the disc. Here are the before and after MRI's of another one of our patients with Degenerated Discs who came to us for treatment:


In the Before MRI on the left, you can see that the disc that the arrow is pointing to is thin and extremely misshapen, and the surrounding discs are damaged as well. In the after picture on the right, you can definitely see a difference; the discs are thicker and a more uniform shape. You can also see it is lighter inside the discs indicating replenishment of the nucleus. Our treatment has proven time and again that it can stop disc degeneration and repair it, and thus relieving Sciatica pain.

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Our final disc related cause of Sciatica is Spinal Stenosis.


Stenosis is the narrowing of an organ inside your body. In the case of Spinal Stenosis, it is a narrowing inside the spinal canal, which pinches on the spinal cord directly. This can cause Sciatica pain and all sorts of other problems as well. One patient came to see us because of terribly painful Sciatica, and it was found to be caused by one of the worst cases of Stenosis we had ever seen. Here is the patient's MRI before treatment:


Where the arrow is pointing, you can see that the spinal canal has been extremely restricted and the spinal cord has been severely pinched because of the Stenosis. From this MRI there is no doubt about how bad this patient's Sciatica was. However, after treatment at our clinic, this is what the MRI looked like:


As you can see, the Stenosis is gone! The spinal canal is the same width throughout and the spinal cord is no longer being pinched. After our treatment, the patient's Sciatica was relieved completely. Here is the before and after MRI for another of our patients who was suffering with Spinal Stenosis:


This patient had stenosis at two different points; and while the narrowing of the spinal canal doesn't look as severe as the previous patient's, it was still just as painful. But as you can see, after our treatment the Stenosis was much improved.

For even more information, watch for Part 10, coming soon!

The key to our treatment is solving the underlying cause. If you have Sciatica, and you are suffering, we can help you. Call today to schedule a Free Consultation at 844-265-2268, or click on this link to schedule online:

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