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Sciatica Part 10: Saving People From Sciatica

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Fri, May 22, 2015 @ 04:51 PM

sciatica_sct10This is Part 10 in our series all about Sciatica. If you missed Part Nine, Click Here!

Throughout my time as a doctor, my clinical experience has been that the more you understand your problem, the more likely you are to eliminate it. This is why I wrote this series about Sciatica. So many people suffer from it, and all they really know is that it can be extremely painful. But they didn't know how or why they had it, what it is, why the treatments they were trying weren't working, or why our treatment has been so successful in relieving Sciatica pain.

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In Parts 1 through 3, we talked about the five most common causes of Sciatica. These are:

  1. Herniated Disc - occurs when a disc in your spine ruptures and the jelly inside (nucleus) leaks out of the disc and presses against the nerve
  2. Bulging Disc - is when the nucleus presses against the nerve but there is no rupture of the disc, and instead the disc bulges out
  3. Degenerated Disc - is caused when a disc becomes thinner over time, usually due to wear and tear, which narrows the opening where the nerve exits the disc and causes a pinching of the nerve
  4. Spinal Stenosis - this occurs when there is a narrowing in the spinal canal, which causes pinching on a nerve before it even enters a disc
  5. Piriformis Syndrome - this can occur when the piriformis muscle irritates the sciatic nerve after it exits the spine


animated-4aIn Parts 4 and 5, we discussed just what Sciatica actually is. It was explained how the bottom five nerves on each side of the spine exit the discs and then combine to form the sciatic nerve, which then travels down each leg all the way to the big toe. That is why when a part of any of those nerves get pinched it is called Sciatica, and the pain feels like it is travelling or radiating down the leg. We also discussed the 8 most common symptoms of Sciatica, which are:

  1. Back Pain that extends into the glutes
  2. Pain down one or both legs
  3. Numbness or a feeling of pins and needles in the leg
  4. A sharp or stabbing pain in the leg that can feel like burning
  5. Pain that travels down the leg, sometimes as far as the big toe
  6. Leg weakness
  7. Pain that is worsened by standing or sitting
  8. Pain down the leg while walking

We also discussed how the symptoms vary by which nerve or nerves are being pinched, and how each nerve relates to each symptom.Schedule A Free  Sciatica Consultation

sciatica-resized-600In Part 6 we discussed the 7 most common treatments that most doctors prescribe for people suffering from Sciatica, what their intended benefits are, and their downsides. Each of these treatments may work at first and provide relief, but often times it is only temporary. These treatments include:

  • Physical therapy - used to strengthen the back muscles
  • Chiropractic therapy - used to loosen up joints and increase mobility
  • Over-the-Counter medications - usually mild painkillers
  • Prescription medications - slightly stronger than over-the-counter varieties
  • Narcotics - powerful pain medications that can have troublesome side effects
  • Spinal Injections - shots (usually epidural) directly into the spine, intended to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. They usually work for a while before the pain returns
  • Surgery - the last option, and can be risky. It is usually fusion surgery, which eliminates pressure on the problem disc but doubles the pressure on surrounding discs, which can often lead to more surgeries

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In Part 7 we discussed the science behind our treatment, Functional Disc Rehydration, and what it does that is so different and better than any of the treatments mentioned above. The main difference is that none of the previous treatments ever target the actual cause of the Sciatica; their goal is to cover it up or bypass it to relieve the pain. But the problem is still there and will almost always eventually come back. Our treatment is different because it specifically targets the discs that cause the Sciatica to heal them, by relieving the pressure from them and allowing oxygen and nutrients to re-enter and rehydrate them, while strengthening the muscles and stabilizing the spine with therapy.

We also discussed the study that we commissioned that amazingly showed that:

  • After just one Functional Disc Rehydration treatment, all patients experienced disc rehydration of at least 18 percent
  • Therapy over 10 weeks produced rehydration in the disc of 80 percent
  • All patients experienced complete elimination of herniated and bulging discs


In Parts 8 and 9 we showed proof with patient MRI's of how we were able to get healing in the discs of patients who had herniated discs, bulging discs, degenerated discs, and stenosis. Read on for more stories of people who had their Sciatica relieved with our treatment, and click on the links to learn more:

Case Study #102 involves a 55 year old male who was suffering with Sciatica and Back Pain resulting from having a Herniated Disc, Bulging Disc, Degenerated Disc, Stenosis, Radiculopathy, and Spondylolisthesis. Before coming to us he had already tried to eliminate his pain with physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, several medications and narcotics, and spinal injections, but none of these worked because they did not treat the cause of the Sciatica. When he came to us he said his pain was at a 7 (with 10 being the worst) and his Oswestry Disability Index (a scale used by doctors to measure the level of disability the pain is causing) was at a 46 (out of 100), which is considered Severely Disabled. At the end of his treatments at our clinic, his pain level and ODI were both a zero!

sciatica_135Case Study #135 is about a 29 year old woman who had been suffering with severe Sciatica and back pain for years. She said her pain was at an 8 (with 10 being the worst pain imaginable) and her Oswestry Disability Index score was a 62. A score that high is considered a Crippling Disability, where the pain affects all aspects of the patient's life. Her sciatica was being caused by a Bulging Disc, Degenerated Disc, Herniated Disc, and Stenosis. She had seen 4 different doctors and had tried several unsuccessful treatments, including physical and chiropractic therapy, pain medications, and epidural shots. After her treatments with us, her pain was down to a 1 and her ODI was an 18, which is considered safe.

The key to our treatment is solving the underlying cause. If you have Sciatica, and you are suffering, we can help you. Call today to schedule a Free Consultation at 844-265-2268, or click on this link to schedule online:

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