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Scare Back Pain Away This Halloween With These Awesome Tips

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Wed, Oct 31, 2018 @ 04:47 PM

Jack-O-Lanterns 470x246For many people, Halloween is their favorite day of the year. It's not only fun for the kids who get to dress up and trick-or-treat for lots of free candy, but also for adults as well. A lot of grown-ups even like to dress up along with their children to join in the spooky festivities. However, for those who suffer from back, neck, or sciatica pain, the really scary thing could be amount of pain this holiday can cause!

Halloween activities can cause a lot of stress and strain on the spine, and make any back or neck problems even worse. But most people don't want their pain to hold them back from dressing up and trick-or-treating with their kids. So follow these simple tips to prevent back pain this Halloween!

- Wear A Costume That Fits

A lot of costumes are too tight or restrict the body's natural movement. This can be a big problem because often it affects posture, causes a lot of twisting or jerking movements, and/or keeps the body in unnatural positions, all of which can lead to serious back or neck problems. 

Instead, wear a costume that fits comfortably and doesn't restrict movement or posture.

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- Avoid Bending At The Waist

Halloween inevitably involves a lot of bending over, such as to give kids candy or help your own children with their outfits. But repeatedly bending at the waist can quickly cause severe lower back pain!

Try bending at the knees instead. And if bending at the waist is required, keep the back straight while doing so using the hip hinge method.

- Stretch First

Stretching is important before any physical activity. Trick-or-Treating may not seem too strenuous, but there is a lot of walking involved, not to mention carrying bags of candy, coats, parts of costumes, and sometimes more! All of that weight load can lead to back pain, so stretching first is a must.

- Don't Forget Your Comfy Shoes!

Again, there is a lot of walking and moving around when Trick-or-Treating, so it's vital to wear comfortable shoes. They not only provide cushioning for the feet, but that cushion helps protect the spine as well!

- Take Breaks As Needed

Halloween is a lot of fun but it can quickly become tiring as well. So take a break if needed, rest up, get hydrated, and head out again!



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