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Back Pain Tip: Relieve Back Pain With These Two Light Exercises!

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Mon, Jul 18, 2016 @ 05:09 PM

swimming_FB.jpgFor people who are suffering with back pain, exercise might be the last thing on their mind. The assumption among many people is that doing any exercise would just make their pain even worse, but the opposite is true! Doing some light exercise, if done carefully, can help to strengthen the muscles in the back and relieve pain. That's why the Back Pain Relief Tip of the week involves two simple exercises to help with back pain!

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Before we get into these exercises, it is important to stress that you need to BE CAREFUL. Do these exercises in moderation, depending on how your back feels and responds. It goes without saying that someone with major back problems will not be able to do as much as someone with back pain that is not quite as severe.

With that being said, these two exercises are very low impact and can help with back pain:

- Swimming: It's the middle of summer and there's a big heat wave coming, so this is the perfect activity to do! Being in water reduces the pressure on your spine that may be causing your back pain. And because swimming is not a weight bearing activity, it is a great method for being able to move around and strengthen your muscles without causing pain. For this reason you should go swimming at least once a week or more.

- Walking: To start out, you don't need to walk very far or for that long. Just doing the activity will help to activate your muscles and start to get them used to the movement. Your goal at first should be to walk for 20 minutes a day. Once you can do that, increase the amount of time you walk. By doing this you can continue to strengthen your back!

This video can help explain further why these exercises are good for your back:


At The Illinois Back Institute we are dedicated to educating people, because we know that the more that you understand about your problem, the more likely you are to eliminate it.

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