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Patient Saved From Needing Surgery For A Herniated Disc

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Wed, Feb 21, 2018 @ 03:56 PM

Kathy first came to the Illinois Back Institute in 2010. At the time she was working as a gym teacher so she was on her feet all day and always on the move, and that eventually led to a herniated disc that became so severe that she was in tears most days. She was recommended for surgery back then but decided to come to the Illinois Back Institute instead, and our treatment eliminated her back pain and saved her from surgery! 

Kathy's back has been feeling great for the last 8 years, but recently she began having some knee problems. The bad knee caused her to change the way that she walked to compensate for the injury, and doing so led to further pain in her leg and then her hip. Her doctor thought it was bursitis and began treating her for that, but these are both classic symptoms of sciatica, from which the pain can occur anywhere from the lower back down throughout the leg and into the foot.

At the time she didn't consider coming to IBI for treatment; after all, her back didn't hurt she didn't think it was a back problem! But when she started feeling numbness at the bottom of her foot she was diagnosed with Sciatica, and knew she had to come to us for help. 

Her MRI showed that three of the discs in her lower spine were being compressed, which pinched the sciatic nerve and was causing her leg and hip pain along with the numbness in her foot. We specialize in treating her condition and got to work right away. Now she's doing much better and doesn't need to use a cane to get around anymore!


Watch Kathy's story from when she came to IBI in 2010:


At the Illinois Back Institute we strive to educate everyone as much as possible about their back pain and sciatica, because it is proven that the more people know about their problem the more likely they are to eliminate it!

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