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Sciatica Part 8: Treating the Cause of Sciatica - Herniated and Bulging Discs

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Fri, May 08, 2015 @ 04:25 PM

sciatica_sct8This is Part 8 in our ongoing series about Sciatica. If you missed Part 7, click here!

In Part 7, we discussed our treatment, Functional Disc Rehydration, and how it works. Our treatment is so effective because it relieves the pressure from off of damaged discs, allowing oxygen and nutrients to re-enter them and thus repair the damage. Remember, the study we commissioned showed that:

  • All Patients experienced disc rehydration of at least 18 percent after just one treatment
  • 10 Weeks of therapy resulted in rehydration of 80 percent
  • Every single patient in the study had their herniated and bulging discs completely eliminated


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To help you to better understand how Functional Disc Rehydration works so well, we will discuss and show how our treatment was able to repair damage for each of the most common causes of Sciatica involving the spine. These are the Herniated Disc, Bulging Disc, Degenerated Disc, and Stenosis. 
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We will begin with the most common cause of Sciatica, the Herniated Disc.



The above picture shows the difference between a healthy disc and a herniated one. When the disc becomes herniated, it pushes against the nerve which causes back and sciatica pain. Here is the MRI of one of our patients when they first came into our clinc:


You can see the nucleus leaking out of the disc almost like a bubble. This patient had already had back surgery to fuse the vertebrae in their spine, but as you can see the herniation is still there. After coming to us for treatment, this is how his spine looked:


As you can see, the "bubble" is completely gone. We were able to get oxygen and nutrients back into that disc and reverse the herniation that had occurred to the point that it was completely gone. Here is the before and after MRI of another patient with one of the largest herniated discs we had ever seen:


When this patient came to us, the herniation pushed out over halfway into the spinal canal. But after our treatment, the herniation was repaired. Our treatment has been shown over and over again to be able to repair disc herniation and return the disc to a healthy state. 

Next is the Bulging Disc, which is the second most common cause of Sciatica.


The Bulging Disc is very similar to the Herniated Disc in that both push against the spine and that causes the pain and Sciatica. The Bulging Disc is a little easier to treat, because there has been no tear in the disc and the nucleus has not leaked out. But while it may not seem as severe as the Herniated Disc, the pain can be just as bad. Here is the MRI of a patient with a Bulging Disc when they first came into our clinic:



You can see that it does not "bubble" out like a Herniated Disc does, but instead bulges out into the spinal canal. After finishing treatment at our clinic, this is how the patient's MRI looked:



The damage has been repaired and the bulging from the disc is completely gone. Here is another example from one of our patients.


Notice the difference not just in the bulging of the disc, but also of the area around it. Not only was the bulging in that disc repaired, but the discs surrounding it were also made healthier and that entire area of the back was repaired by our treatment.

The next two causes of Sciatica, Degenerated Disc and Spinal Stenosis, will be shown in Part 9, coming soon!

The key to our treatment is solving the underlying cause. If you have Sciatica, and you are suffering, we can help you. Call today to schedule a Free Consultation at 844-265-2268, or click on this link to schedule online:

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