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Our Patients' Experience - Lisa: Part 1

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Tue, Jun 02, 2015 @ 04:56 PM

Lisa_Week_OneAt the Illinois Back Institute, we get many questions about who we are and what we do. Most people want to know what our treatment is and how it works, but the number one question we are asked tends to be, "what does it feel like when you undergo treatment?"

So, we approached a new patient named Lisa who just started treatment at one of our clinics, and asked if we could get her thoughts and feelings on the experience as she progressed through it. She agreed, and so once every couple weeks we will be sitting down with her to talk about what it is like going through the treatment process and how she feels about it. We will be recording the interviews on camera and then we will post the video so that everyone can see what it is like to experience the treatment in real time.


We hope this series will help you. It is our belief that the more you understand your problem and how to treat it, the more likely you are to eliminate it. To learn more about Sciatica, sign up for our Free 10 Part Series by clicking here:

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We will be calling this series "Our Patients' Experience," and it will provide an inside look into what it is like to undergo our treatments. So look for Lisa's ongoing story in multiple postings over the coming weeks. In this first video with Lisa, she discusses how her back problems started and what her thoughts are before going to take her first treatment, and then what she thought immediately afterwards.

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