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Is A Herniated Disc Causing Your Back Pain? This Is How They Are Diagnosed

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Fri, Jul 07, 2017 @ 05:02 PM

Back pain and sciatica can be caused in many different ways, but one of the most common ways is due to a herniated disc. Because of this, when someone is suffering with back pain and sciatica they often times assume a herniated disc is the cause of the pain. But there is no way of knowing without being properly diagnosed first!

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Every herniated disc is different, and no two causes or symptoms are alike. This can often make diagnosing them very challenging. For example, some people may have a small herniation that is causing very severe pain due to how the rupture is pinching a nerve, but their MRI appears very normal. Conversely, other people may have a very large herniated disc but be in little or no pain.

If a doctor suspects you may have a herniated disc, these are the steps to properly diagnosing it:

1. First your doctor will give you a detailed examination, paying attention to if there are problems in the legs such as numbness and muscle weakness which could indicate sciatica caused by a herniated disc.

2. If the doctor's examination determined that you most likely have a herniated disc, you will be sent for a MRI to confirm. The MRI is the best tool available to be able to see and properly diagnose a herniated disc. You may also be sent for other tests such as a X-ray or CT scan.

3. If you are showing the symptoms of sciatica as well, you may be given two more tests: an EMG (Electromyography) and NCV (Nerve Conduction Velocity) study. These tests can help determine how severe the patient's sciatica is and if it is a result of the herniated disc or some other health issue.

Once you have the results of these examinations and tests you should know for sure if you do have a herniated disc and exactly how severe it is!


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