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Herniated Disc Sufferers Should Be Careful When Doing These Types Of Exercise

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Mon, May 08, 2017 @ 05:00 PM

spring stretching 470x246.pngThe pain caused by Herniated Discs can be terrible. When a Herniated Disc occurs, it often will press against one of the nerves in the spine. This can not only cause severe pain, but can lead to other issues such as numbness and muscle weakness. For many people suffering with a Herniated Disc, they will do whatever it takes to get rid of the pain and other issues they may be having. For some it is as simple as taking some ibuprofen, while others may need to do some exercises to increase the flexibility and mobility of their back. But it is vital that the exercises being done are the correct ones!

It is a fact that doing back exercises are beneficial and can help to relieve Herniated Disc pain. However, there are some types of exercises that can actually make a Herniated Disc worse. These three exercises are ones that should be avoided at all costs:

- Exercises involving Twisting

The lower back is the area of the spine where we twist the most. And it is no coincidence that it is in this area that the most Herniated Discs happen. Any twisting the spine can cause issues for even healthy people, but for those with a Herniated Disc it can be even more problematic because any incorrect movement even in the slightest can make the Herniated Disc worse. Exercises with twisting movements, like martial arts for instance, can be very difficult and should be avoided.

- High-Impact style exercises

High-impact exercises involve hitting the feet on the ground powerfully (thus high impact). But when this type of impact is made the force travels into the foot, through the leg, and into the lower back, and this can cause further damage to Herniated Discs. Because of this it is important to be extra cautious when performing high-impact exercises such as jumping, running, aerobics.

- Lifting weights

Weightlifting can be a little tricky with a Herniated Disc. Some types of it can actually be good for the back! The biggest problem is that people are not careful enough and end up making the Herniated Disc worse. The important thing to remember when weightlifting is to make slow and steady movements. Sudden movements can cause a jolt to the spine and make a Herniated Disc worse. Avoid any exercises that involve lifting too much or bending over, because these can cause a big shock to the spine. A helpful tip to avoid making an injury worse is to lessen the amount being lifted and instead do more repetitions, so that the pressure on the back is decreased.


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