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Gardening Tips For Avoiding Back Pain

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Mon, Jul 08, 2019 @ 04:59 PM

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Now that summer is here, the days are getting hotter, and it's stopped raining for a day or two, many people are enjoying being able to finally tend to their gardens. Gardening can be a terrific way to spend time outdoors, relax, and relieve stress while also getting a little exercise in as well. However, while doing so people can be careless when it comes to the health of their back. So use these tips to avoid back pain while gardening!

  • The movements involved with gardening can cause a lot of damage on your discs so it’s important to warm up first. Something you can do to warm up is walk around the garden. While your walking around look at the garden and see what needs to be done. When your all warmed up then you can go to those spots and get started.
  • Gardening consists of a lot of bending and twisting which can really put a lot of stress on your back. The key is to make sure you are bending the correct way, with the Hip Hinge method. Click here to learn how to perform it.
  • Make sure when gardening that you are in a comfortable position that won’t force you to do a lot of bending. Try to use a pad that you can kneel on, and if that's not available use a pillow or a folding up towel to protect your knees.
  • Get as close as you can to the area where you are gardening. The closer you are, the less stress you are putting on your back from bending, twisting, and other movements.


Remember: healthy spine + healthy garden = healthy life!




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