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Follow These Tips To Help Prevent Neck Pain While Driving

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Tue, May 14, 2019 @ 01:45 PM

Driving While Texting 470x246Many people find themselves experiencing neck pain on a regular basis. Sometimes this is caused by an injury or underlying medical problem. It can also be brought on by the neck's supporting muscle structures and the strain placed on them by many different activities. One of these is driving. If you think about it, driving involves extending your neck and holding it in place while also using your upper body and extremities to perform steering and other tasks. Doing this for hours each day can clearly cause neck pain.

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There is almost no way to avoid driving for most people. Fortunately there are some ways to avoid neck pain, while keeping your mind clear to focus on more important things in your busy life.

Avoid Neck Pain and Keep on Driving

Driving can cause a lot of stress that contributes to neck pain. With some simple steps prior to and during your drive, you can do a lot to prevent discomfort in your neck.

  • Choose the best seating position - With your hands positioned at 15 and 45 minutes on the steering wheel, let your arms rest comfortably. Many people recline their seats far back, but it should remain almost straight with an incline angle no greater than ten degrees. Remember to position your seat close enough to the steering wheel to avoid leaning forward.
  • Give your head a restYour seat's headrest should be positioned so that the center of the back area of your head is gently supported.
  • Give your back some helpMany vehicles offer seating with adjustable lumbar support. If you have it, use it! Make sure that the small space where your lower back curves is filled by the support. You can also use a travel pillow to achieve the same support.
  • Use the mirrors for better sight - You can avoid  a lot of extra head movement by setting your mirrors to provide you the best sight lines possible.
  • Stop straining your eyesIf you find yourself constantly squinting or having difficulty seeing while drive, you probably also place extra stress on your neck by pushing it forward. You may not even realize it, but this is a natural reaction when you have poor vision. Proper vision aids like contact lenses and sunglasses when needed are not only important for your safety, but also for helping you to avoid neck pain. Don't forget to keep a clean windshield either.
  • Set the cruise and goUsing the cruise control when it is safe to do so will let you rest your feet in a more natural position, easing strain on your back and neck.
  • Take it easyWhen you get a little tired or stiff, take it easy for a while and have a break from driving. Stretch out the areas where you are feeling some tension, and have a short walk to prepare yourself for the next leg of your drive.
  • Put Down The PhoneLooking down at your smartphone while driving is quickly becoming the number one cause of neck pain, and also one of the main causes of car accidents. So put the phone away and focus on the road.

Driving is a constant part of our lives, and that won't change soon for most of us. But with the simple steps outlined above, you can do a lot to avoid neck pain while keeping the drive going.


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