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Can Eating Kale Help With Back Pain?

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Wed, Oct 03, 2018 @ 04:58 PM

Kale 470x246October 3rd is National Kale Day, and undoubtedly you may have heard people talking recently about how good Kale is for you. It's often called a superfood, and one of the most beneficial foods you can eat. It can even help to relieve back pain! But many people have questions about Kale. What IS it exactly? And what makes it so good for you? Read on to learn more about Kale and the many benefits it offers!

Kale is a green leafy vegetable similar to cabbage, spinach, and lettuce. Many people love Kale because it comes in several different varieties including blue kale, curly kale, baby kale, and more. And since each variety tastes a little different, it's likely that everyone can find one type that they enjoy. People are also in love with Kale because it can be prepared in many ways. You can cook it, eat it raw, or even put it in a blender and make a smoothie! These reasons make it a very easy and convenient food to prepare and eat.

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The rule of thumb when it comes to vegetables is the greener the better. And this is especially true of Kale! Along with Spinach and Broccoli, it's considered one of the most nutritional vegetables there is, filled with many of the vital nutrients the body needs. Not only can it help to fight back pain, but several other health issues as well! Here's why:

- Kale contains strong anti-inflammatory properties that have been proven to reduce inflammation in the cartilage in the spinal column, which in turn lessens back pain.

- It contains high amounts of potassium and fiber, which can help fight heart disease.

- Kale contains a powerful anti-oxidant called alpha-lipoic acid which can help people with diabetes.

- Since it's high in fiber and water, Kale is good for digestion.

- Along with fiber and potassium, it's also a good source of Iron, Calcium, and Vitamins C and K.

- Kale might even be able to help fight cancer, and promote bone health.



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