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Bulging Disc Series - Part 9: Case Studies - Proof Of The Science Behind Eliminating Bulging Discs

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Fri, Oct 09, 2015 @ 05:07 PM

This is Part 9 in a series about Bulging Discs. If you missed Part 8, Click Here!

In Part 8 of this series, we continued our discussion about how our treatment, Functional Disc Rehydration, can completely eliminate Bulging Discs. And to show how it works, we provided several MRI's of patients that showed what their Bulging Discs looked like before beginning treatment at our clinic, and what they looked like at the end of treatment. For every patient, the Bulging Disc was completely gone by the end of the treatments!

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We have shown repeatedly how and why Functional Disc Hydration is so effective. For further proof of how our treatment works, we created several case studies and testimonials with some of the thousands of patients for whom we have treated and eliminated their Bulging Discs:

  • Tracie Hawes

Tracie is a marathon runner, and while training for the Chicago Marathon she suddenly felt pain in her back and shooting down her leg. She rested and iced her back until she felt better, then kept training and running marathons. The pain would always come back until eventually it was "ten times worse" than it was before.

Tracie went to her regular doctor and was diagnosed with three Bulging Discs and severe Sciatica. They tried everything from physical therapy to spinal injections to help with the pain, but it always returned. One day she saw a commercial for the Illinois Back Institute and decided to schedule a Free Consultation. In a short amount of time, we were able to drop her pain level from a 7 down to a 1, and she is able to run again completely pain free!

To hear more about Tracie's testimonial, click here!


  • Erik Ingbretson

Erik is an athlete whose back and neck pain started when he played college football. Then after college he began other activities like marathons and mixed martial arts, which caused the pain to get worse and worse. From his doctor he learned that he had 3 Bulging Discs in his back, along with 1 in his neck!

His doctor prescribed several of the most common treatments, including physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, and cortisone injections, but they were not very effective. The doctor's next step would have been surgery, but Erik had heard enough failed back surgery stories to know he definitely wanted to avoid that. So, he decided to come to the Illinois Back Institute instead. After a few months of treatment, his pain was down to a 1 and he is able to do the things he used to!

To watch Erik's story, click here!


  • Bill Mortell

Bill suffered from chronic back pain for over 15 years. It began as shooting pain down the leg, and then moved to his lower back. His MRI showed that he had a large Bulging Disc in his lower back that was causing severe pain. He was seeing a chiropractor for many years but continued to be in pain, and wanted to avoid surgery if he could help it.

He was looking for another option to treat his back pain, and when he learned about the Illinois Back Institute he decided to start treatment. Now after a little time and some hard work, his pain has dropped down to a 1!

For the rest of Bill's story, click here!


  • Luverta Howard

Luverta's back pain started when she was moving things around in the trunk of her car, and when she tried to lift a tire she suddenly felt pain in her back and shooting down her leg. Over the years the pain got so bad that she could hardly even move around anymore. She learned that she had three Bulging Discs that were pressing on a nerve and causing all of her pain.

Her doctors wanted to perform surgery, but she did not want to go under the knife. She decided to come to the Illinois Back Institute instead. When she first came for treatment, she said her pain was a 10, but now her pain is gone completely!

To watch Luverta tell her story, click here!


These are just some of the many people who we have treated for Bulging Discs, and eliminated their pain completely! Part 10 will conclude our discussion about Bulging Discs and showing how our treatment eliminates them!

The Illinois Back Institute is dedicated to educating people, because we know that the more that you understand about your problem, the more likely you are to eliminate it.

The key to our treatment is solving the underlying cause. If you have a Bulging Disc and are suffering, we can help you. Call today to schedule a Free Consultation at 855-536-8301, or click on this link to schedule online:

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