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Bulging Disc Series - Part 8: A Look At How We Treat Bulging Discs

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Fri, Oct 02, 2015 @ 03:22 PM

This is Part 8 in a series about Bulging Discs. If you missed Part 7, Click Here!

In the previous part of this series we discussed our treatment, Functional Disc Rehydration. We talked about why it is so different from other traditional treatments, and how it works in a way that no other treatments do. Functional Disc Rehydration is so successful because it actually targets the damaged discs and heals them, in a way that no other treatment does. It works by taking pressure off of the disc to allow vital nutrients and oxygen to re-enter it and rehydrate it, while also strengthening the muscles surrounding it to stabilize the spine.

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We also discussed the study that we commissioned to prove that Functional Disc Rehydration works. The study showed that:

  • ALL patients in the study experienced disc rehydration of AT LEAST 18 percent after just one treatment
  • After 10 weeks or more of treatment, all patients experienced rehydration of at least 80 percent
  • EVERY patient in the study with a Bulging Disc had it completely eliminated!

If a Bulging Disc is similar to a flat tire, then our treatment is like an air pump that re-inflates the tire so that it works like normal again!

We know that some people may still not quite understand how our treatment works or why it is so successful. So, in this part we are going to discuss some of the patients we have treated for Bulging Discs and show how we were able to completely eliminate them and relieve their pain.

Above is a picture that shows what occurs when a disc bulges out. As you can see, when the outer protective barrier weakens for some reason, pressure on the disc causes the nucleus in the middle to push against that weakened section. And this causes the disc to bulge out from between the vertebrae, where often times it impacts against a nerve and causes extreme pain. Below is an example of a patient that we treated for a Bulging Disc. This is what the MRI looked like before beginning our treatment:

As you can see in the MRI, the disc has been weakened so that it is bulging out into the spinal column. This is the MRI from that same patient after finishing with our course of treatment:

The bulge is gone! Our treatment was able to rehydrate the disc, by giving it the nutrients and oxygen it needed to strengthen the outer wall and allow the nucleus to retreat back inside the disc where it belongs!

Many patients we have helped came to us with more than one damaged disc. Functional Disc Rehydration can not only eliminate Bulging Discs, it can also treat several all at once! For example, below is the MRi of a patient who came to us with THREE Bulging Discs:

Treating three damaged discs at one time can be a little more difficult and require a little more work, but it can be done. This is that same patient's MRI after finishing treatment:

Our treatment was able to eliminate the bulge in all three discs and relieve this patient's pain! Here are the before and after MRI images of another patient with multiple Bulging Discs:

This patient was in severe pain due to these Bulging Discs. But as you can see from the MRI, we were able to completely eliminate the bulging and heal those discs!

It has been shown repeatedly that Functional Disc Rehydration can repair Bulging Discs and return them to a healthy state. Part 9 will continue this discussion on how our treatment completely eliminates Bulging Discs!

The Illinois Back Institute is dedicated to educating people, because we know that the more that you understand about your problem, the more likely you are to eliminate it.

The key to our treatment is solving the underlying cause. If you have a Bulging Disc and are suffering, we can help you. Call today to schedule a Free Consultation at 855-536-8301, or click on this link to schedule online:

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