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Bulging Disc Series - Part 7: The Science Behind Eliminating Bulging Discs

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Fri, Sep 25, 2015 @ 04:25 PM

This is Part Seven in a series about Bulging Discs. If you missed Part 6, Click Here!

In our previous two parts, we discussed the various ways that people try to treat their Bulging Discs. There are several different ways with which people attempt to find relief. In Part 5 we covered the most common treatments that doctors prescribe, which were:

  • Over-the-counter pain pills and NSAIDs
  • Stronger prescription pills and narcotics
  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic
  • Spinal Injections
  • Surgery


And in Part 6 we discussed the most common natural remedies that people use, which can be done at home. These included:

  • Using Heat and Ice packs
  • Bed rest
  • Eating more healthy
  • Exercising
  • Stretching
  • Getting Massages


Every one of these treatments can relieve the pain for an amount of time, depending on the seriousness of the Bulging Disc. But, the main issue is that while each one of these treatments can relieve the pain, the cause of the pain is still there. So for many people with Bulging Discs, the pain will eventually return because the disc is still damaged. One of the biggest issues when this happens is that the pain can come back even worse than before, or become chronic.

The treatment we use at the Illinois Back Institute is called Functional Disc Rehydration, and it has been proven to relieve pain by eliminating Bulging Discs. The reason why our treatment is so effective is that it specifically targets the Bulging Discs, and actually heals them.

Functional Disc Rehydration works in a way that no other treatment does. If you remember, at the beginning of this series we explained what Bulging Discs are, and described that they were like a flat tire. The constant pressure on the disc causes it to bulge out from between the vertebrae, which can cause the disc to impact a nerve and cause pain. The way our treatment works is by relieving the pressure from off of the disc, to allow oxygen and nutrients to enter and re-hydrate it. At the same time, different types of therapy are used to strengthen the muscles and help stabilize the spine. The combination of these steps has shown to repair Bulging Discs and relieve pain!

We knew that our treatment would sound too good to be true, so we wanted to validate it and prove that it works. To that end, we commissioned a study with a researcher from a major west coast university. This study included 50 patients between the ages of 39 and 83, who were all suffering with chronic back pain and had tried several different treatments for it, such as therapy, injections, and surgery. The findings of the study were extraordinary:

  • After just one Functional Disc Rehydration treatment, ALL patients experienced disc rehydration of at least 18 percent!
  • 10 weeks or more of therapy resulted in disc rehydration of 80 percent!
  • EVERY patient in the study had their Bulging and Herniated Discs completely eliminated!


Not only are these results amazing, they are extremely important because they show that Functional Disc Rehydration can heal Bulging Discs, which stops the disc from impacting on any nerves and thus, relieves pain. Whereas the other treatments mentioned only cover up the injury and mask the pain, Functional Disc Rehydration actually targets the cause of the pain and eliminates it. And it does all of this without any drugs or surgery!

Remember, this was just Part 7 in the series. Part 8 will continue this discussion by showing examples of how our treatment was able to eliminate our patients' Bulging Discs!

The Illinois Back Institute is dedicated to educating people, because we know that the more that you understand about your problem, the more likely you are to eliminate it.

The key to our treatment is solving the underlying cause. If you have a Bulging Disc and are suffering, we can help you. Call today to schedule a Free Consultation at 855-536-8301, or click on this link to schedule online:

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