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The Ultimate Back Pain Relief Tips Blog

How we treat your back pain.

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Wed, Feb 04, 2015 @ 10:38 AM

How to treat your back problems that are causing your pains.

I get these 2 questions all the time: "How do you treat the spine, and why do patients get better with your treatment when all other treatments they tried have failed?"  The video below has a great explanation of how we do what we do. Click to watch it!

The Key to our treatment is we get healing in the disc.  

  • The outer protion of the disc can break down, this breakdown process can cause you severe pains.  

The disc is like a jelly doughnut, the thick outer portion of the disc is what we call the annulus.  The inner portion is like jelly and this is called the nucleus.  When you get a breakdown in the outer portion (the annulus) you can have all of the following Painful Problems, including a problem where the jelly leaks out:



1. Herniated Discs (Jelly Leaks out)
2. Bulging Discs (Tear in the Annulus)
3. Degenerated Discs (Jelly Dries out)
4. Stenosis  (Combination of both Promblems)
5. Sciatica  (All of the above Pinching the Nerves of the Spine)

The source of almost all your back pain that is not going away is the result of this break down in the Disc. Our treatment is very effective for all of these back problems, including complicated back problems, because we get healing of the disc.

  • This is the main reason our treament is so effective when other treatments have failed is because no other treatment heals the disc. 


This image shows a MRI of a patient before our treatment. The RED arrows demonstrate damage to the discs.  The second image with the GREEN arrows shows elimination of the damaged disc.  When you eliminate the damage in the disc the pain goes away. We have helped over 15,000 people with this treatment. 

Dan Hampton, Pro Football Hall of Famer and 1985 World Champion, has this to say about our treatment:

Dan Hampton is not in the Hall of Fame because he took it easy. He gave it everything he had, and his spine paid the price.  He was comtemplating surgery until he found us.

Carmelita was not as fortunate as Dan Hampton. She had the surgery before she found us.  Her pain was so bad after the surgery that she thought very hard about suicide just to get away from the pain.  She came into our clinic and we were able to eliminate her pain.  She got better because we healed her damaged discs. You need to watch her story here:


If you have back pain and want to get better and live pain free call now to schedule a FREE consultation. We are here to help you live pain free.  

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Dr Jeff Winternheimer D.C


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