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Complete Elimination of a Severe Herniated Disc- The Start of a Revolution. Case Study #100

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Tue, Aug 19, 2014 @ 05:07 PM

In 2007 we treated a 59 year old U.S. postal worker. She had developed a herniated  disc at work in 1997 over ten  years berfore entering our clinic.

fay MRI no name

She came to see us in November of 2007, she had a very large herniated disc  (4mm x 16 mm) in her low back at L5.   She was havening intense pain down her leg (Sciatica) and having a very hard time walking.  On a scale of 1-10 her pain was at an 8 (bad).  

This picture is an MRI taken the first day of her treatment.  November 27 2007.



She received thirty three functional disc rehydration treatments in our clinic, over a period of 3 months.  At the end of her care she no longer had the  pain in her low back or down her leg.   She was also able to walk and work pain free.

You might be wondering why I am showing a patient that is from 2007.  She is very improtant to us because she was the first patient that we were able to idetify that our rtreatment would eliminate herniated discs without drugs or surgery. She was part of our study we performed in 2007. For more on the pain study click on the link below.

pain study functional disc stabilization

Upon completion of her 33rd treatment she had a 2nd MRI.  This MRI is pictured below. The 4mm x 16mm herniated disc at L5 was completely eliminated after her treatments.   Also noted in the 2nd MRI was an 80% increase in the hydration of the nucleus of the L5 disc.  True healing has taken place.  Surgery was avoided.


The second MRI was performed in March of 2008.  She had a 3 MRI in November 2008 exactly one year after the 1st MRI.  I am happy to report that her disc still showed no indication of a herniated disc at L5.  Her condition had improved and  remains stable and healthy.

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She was the start of our revolution for treating severe back pain. Before she in 2007 we didnt know we could rehydrate discs thereby eliminating herniated discs.  We want to Thank her, for helping us change the world. 

Dr Jeff Winternheimer D.C.

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