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How to treat Sciatica

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Sun, Aug 10, 2014 @ 11:50 AM

To understand how to treat sciatica you need to understand what is causing sciatica.  90% of Sciatica is a pinching of a nerve in the spine.  The nerves get pinched in between the vertebrae in the area known as the foramen.  A brief summary of the spine is necessary to understand how to treat it.


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The spine consists of 24 bones from your head all the way down to you hips.  In between each bone there is a disc. The disc acts as a cushion that allows for the bones to move.  The disc is main culprit when it comes to sciatica and pinching nerves.


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  • When the nerves of the low back are pinched the pain will go down the leg this is Sciatica.



The disc is a lot like a jelly donut form the point of view that the outside of the disc there is a thick material and inside the disc there is a jelly.  The jelly gives stability to the spine the same way air gives stability to the tire.


The problem is that the jelly can move and sometimes even come out of the disc. Movement of the jelly is what causes bulging discs.  When the jelly comes out of the disc this is known as a herniated disc.  These conditions will cause back pain but also cause pinching of the nerves in the foramen.


 So the key to eliminating sciatica is eliminating the causes of the pinched nerve.  The 4 main causes that lead to pinching of the nerve in the foramen are;

  1. Herniated disc –  is the most common reason.
  2. Bulging disc
  3. Degenerated disc
  4. Stenosis

Cervical Disc Herniation2 


To treat sciatica you need to treat the disc.  The key is to free up the space where the nerve is being pinched.  (The Foramen) When you un-pinch the nerve your sciatic pain and back pain go away.  To accomplish this you need to get healing in the disc.


  • Treatment that focuses on healing the disc has the best chance of success. (We call this outcome) 

Sciatica tends to be one of the most complicated of back problems. 90% of all treatments that are performed for sciatica don’t focus on the disc and are unsuccessful. (Poor Outcome) So as a result of ineffective treatments and the complexity of the problem that causes sciatica many of these conditions wind up in surgery. 

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  • Sciatica has the highest surgery rate and unfortunately that type of surgery  is the  least effective of spinal surgeries. (Again Poor Outcome)

Our treatment known as functional disc rehydration addresses the pain in your back and your sciatica.   The treatment eliminates the problems in the disc thereby eliminating the cause of the problem.  It’s the only treatment of its kind, and is the most effective for sciatica, and is all done without drugs or surgery.

severe herniated disc charlene

  • In the next few blogs I will address how we treat sciatica.

If you have sciatica and its not going away call now!


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