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Michael Smith's Herniated Disc and Sciatica Treatment Case Study #109 Video

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Tue, Jul 01, 2014 @ 03:56 PM

Michael Smith Case Study

Watch our lasest case report on Michael was a patient at the Illinois back Institute and began treatment in Feb of 2014. Dr. Jeff created a case study report for Michael and his treatment he received at the clinic.
  • The case study explains Michael background of his condition and treatments he tried before coming to the Illinois Back Institute.
Dr. Jeff will go into Michael condition and how he was able to discover the root of his condition in order to come up with a customize treatment plan for Michael. Dr. Jeff discusses his treatment plan for Michael and most importantly his outcome after being treated at the Illinois Back Institute. Click on the video above to hear Dr. Jeff discuss and explain Michael Case Study and how the Illinois Back Institute saved Michael from surgery. Michael was able to get life back after treatment!

About Illinois Back Institute

Illinois Back Institute (IBI)  was formed to promote the unique Functional Disc Rehydration® (FDR) protocol founded and developed by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer, D.C. The Illinois Back Institute now has a proven, time-tested and study-tested protocol to rehydrate spinal discs and a proprietary marketing system that can revolutionize the way back and neck care is administered, worldwide. 

What is Functional Disc Rehydration®?

Developed and TRADEMARKED by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer, D.C. and the Illinois Back Institute, Functional Disc Rehydration® is an effective, non-invasive, non-surgical, drug-free back pain treatment that actually reverses disc degeneration and truly provides a stronger, healthier back. It’s a simple approach to making the back healthier without surgery, injections or medications.

The goal of Functional Disc Rehydration® is to take pressure off of vertebral discs, allowing oxygen and nutrients into a disc’s nucleus. Together with FDR, various exercises, treatments and techniques are done to reintegrate and reactivate the muscles by strengthening and stabilizing the spine. The correct combinations of these elements together constitute the overwhelmingly successful Protocol for IBI. 


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