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How Does Poor Posture Cause Neck Pain?

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Tue, Mar 11, 2014 @ 03:19 PM

neck painIt's difficult to sit or stand properly all the time, especially when you're tired or sick. However, bad posture can lead to serious problems, including chronic neck pains. Believe it or not, most pains in this part of the body aren't caused by whiplash or other trauma-inducing conditions. 

Vulnerable Parts of the Neck 

Parts of the neck that are impacted from poor posture include:  

      • Scalene muscles
      • Suboccipital muscles 
      • Pectoralis minor muscles 
      • Subscapularis muscles 
      • Levator scapulae muscles

In order to prevent injury, it's important to ensure that your head and spine are always properly aligned. Otherwise, you'll soon feel the debilitating effects over time. 

Forward Head and Shoulder Posture

The most common condition contributing to neck pain is forward head and shoulder posture. This position occurs when the neck slants forward, thrusting the head in front of the shoulders. As a result, the head is constantly weighing the rest of the body down, placing tremendous pressure on the lower neck's vertebrae. This inevitably leads to degenerative disc disease and other degenerative neck problems.  

Muscles in the upper back are also affected because the posture make it easy to overexert in order to effectively hold the head up. Those who are accustomed to this position often marry it with shoulders that are continuously hunched forward and a rounded upper back that aggravates the shoulders. 

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Effects of Poor Posture on the Lower Cervical Vertebrae

Since the lower part of the neck just above the shoulder is most disturbed by poor posture, the lower cervical vertebrae will eventually slide forward in response to the consistent pull of gravity by the head. Neck pain sufferers often find this the most difficult to deal with, as it takes a toll on them at jobs that require them to sit at a desk for the majority of the day. 

Long-Term Negative Effects of Poor Posture

There's several long-term problems that result from bad posture. For one, a damaged vertebrae cause by the forward head posture eventually irritates several joints in the neck. Ligament and soft tissues can also become damaged. As a result, the flow of neck pain continues moving down through the shoulder blades and upper back, causing a host of ill-fated conditions.

This kind of situation provokes the muscles, making them, stiff, overly tender and painful to touch. In addition, disc degeneration problems occur and lead to other threatening conditions, such as cervical osteoarthritis or cervical degenerative disc disease.

Understanding the specific long-term effects that poor posture has on the neck will inevitably help you consider the gravity of this issue. Be mindful of how you position your body in the workplace, as well as at home, so you can avoid neck pain and related health conditions that are detrimental to your quality of life.  pain study functional disc stabilization

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