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Causes and Symptoms of Degenerated Disc Illinois

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Mon, Mar 10, 2014 @ 02:52 PM

degenerated disc illinoisIllinois residents suffering from a condition known as degenerated discs understand the importance of finding an effective treatment that will reduce the discomfort often associated with the painful disease. Fortunately, the Illinois Back Institute understands the seriousness of degenerated discs and provides patients with effective treatments that can reduce or eliminate their chronic pain. Learning how the condition occurs, and what can be done to treat it, will help residents of Illinois when treating their degenerated discs.

What Causes A Degenerated Disc?  

The spinal column consists of individual bones, known as vertebrae, that are connected to each other by spinal discs. These discs help to prevent damage that can occur through natural aging or trauma by acting as a cushion between the vertebrae. Much like a shock absorber, the discs are able to flex, bend, and twist in order to accommodate a person's natural everyday movements. As we age, changes begin to happen within the spinal column that can lead to a painful condition known as degenerated discs. These changes mainly occur when there is a loss of fluid between the spinal discs or if tears take place within the outer layers of these discs. 

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What Are Common Symptoms Of Degenerated Discs?

Those suffering from a degenerated disc in Illinois often complain of back or neck pain when symptoms first begin to appear. For some, it's possible not to notice any symptoms at all especially during the early stages of the disease. When suffering from a degenerated disc pain may begin to arise in a variety of locations depending on the spinal discs affected by the disease. The lower back, buttocks, legs, arms, or neck are the most common regions to be affected and pain is often more intense when performing activities that involve excessive movement such as bending over or twisting.

Complications Associated With Degenerated Discs

Degenerated discs can lead to a host of health conditions such as osteoarthritis, herniated discs, sciatica pain, or spinal stenosis. These issues are often caused by the breakdown of cartilage, bulges within the spinal discs, or due to the narrowing of the spinal canal narrow which can occur naturally as we age. Diseases such as these can lead to the build up of pressure within the spinal cord, affecting the nerves as well, and may affect the Illinois sufferer's overall nerve functioning.

How Can A Degenerated Disc Be Treated?

Illinois residents who suffer from degenerated discs can greatly benefit from an effective treatment known as Functional Disc Reydration. Functional Disc Reydration is a pain free treatment that can be completed without the need for invasive surgeries, injections, or the use of medications. During a Functional Disc Rehydration treatment unwanted pressure is relieved from the spinal column with the use of compression cycles and traction movements. Illinois residents can experience fast pain relief since the treatment replenishes fluids to the discs using natural and safe methods. When combined with physical therapy the treatment strengthens the spine, allowing it to stabilize and strengthen naturally.

Patients of any age suffering from a degenerated disc can benefit from Functional Disc Rehydration here at the Illinois Back Institute. By scheduling a free consultation you can learn more about this innovative treatment that will help you get back to your daily routine quickly and safely without the need for complicated or risky surgeries. 

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