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Slipped Disc vs Herniated Disc - What is the Difference?

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Tue, Feb 18, 2014 @ 02:33 PM

herniated discWhen most people think of a slipped disc vs herniated disc, they think they are the same thing. However, they are actually different. First, one must have a solid understanding of how the spine works and what role the discs play in order to have a full understanding of the difference between a slipped disc vs herniated disc.

The discs act as cushions which set between the vertebrae. These discs have an outer layer which is tougher and an inner layer that is softer and gel-like. These discs are the right size to fit right between the vertebrae and protect them from rubbing and grinding against one another.

A Slipped Disc

When a person has a slipped disc vs a herniated disc, it means the disc protrudes or bulges out from the vertebrae further than it should. A slipped disc can occur quite easily and the problem affects many. Some of the everyday ways in which a person can easily injure themselves and cause a slipped disc is moving the wrong way, picking up something using the wrong posture, or when they experience trauma or injury.

Some people who experience a slipped disc don’t even know how it was caused. Some experience a lot of pain with a slipped disc and others may experience little to no pain. Either way, a person will want to do what they can in order to treat their slipped disc in a natural way so they can heal properly and put it behind them.

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A Herniated Disc

A herniated disc is much like a slipped disc in that the disc is protruding past the vertebrae. However, a herniated disc is one in which there is a crack in the outer part of the disc and some of the soft inner part is protruding from the disc itself. A herniated disc is often referred to as a ruptured disc due to the fact that a rupture has occurred in its outer layer.

A minor disc herniation may heal with a bit of pampering, and a more serious herniated disc may require some treatment. There are natural treatments available which allow patients to avoid drugs and surgery.

Treating a Slipped Disc vs Herniated Disc

The treatments for a slipped disc and a herniated disc are the same. The Illinois Back Institute is dedicated to helping all types of patients from children to adults and from those with sedentary lifestyles to athletes. Anyone who suffers from back pain should contact The Illinois Back Institute where they can get help with their back problems which doesn’t include surgery.

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