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How to Treat Sciatica-Part 2-Core Principles

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Tue, Jan 28, 2014 @ 12:03 PM

sciatica stretchesThis is part 2 of my story and journey to eliminating my back pain and sciatica and your back pain and sciatica.  If you have not read the first installment you can find it here…..  Sciatica Treatment! How to Treat Sciatica By Dr. Jeff

I had back pain and leg weakness and leg pain that was so bad that it was ruining my life.  I had tried all standard, typical treatments; Chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture and powerful medications…….. and was only getting worse.  This is my story to eliminating my back pain, sciatica and herniated discs without drugs or surgery.  The lessons I learned will be brought to light in this series of articles.  If you have back pain or sciatica you will find all these lessons very helpful. 

  • I found a way out and now live pain free you can too.

I knew what I was doing wasn’t working and I needed to find something different.  I was going to have to journey into the unknown. For my quest I was equipped with my back pain and 2 key principles.

  1. Principle #1 – this will seem the most obvious but unfortunately the least utilized for treatment of back pain.  I call it the principle of WHY.  Why should I do this exercise… why does this help me…. Why do I feel worse? Why is this next logical step in the sequence to getting better?

There are many treatments for back pain that are being performed every day and nobody ever asks WHY.  And if you did ask why, the answer might scare you…..   “We do it this way because it’s the way it has always been. It’s the way it has to be done. Or worse yet when you really get to the why and you persist they will say “I don’t know”!     

True Story…. I lived through it and I have worked with thousands of professionals who treat back pain.  Not too many truly ask why.

When you have severe back pain like I did you identify very quickly if the why holds up to the test.  For me my test was did I get better, or did I get worse.  And with each test I would look deep into the WHY.  When I felt better with a specific procedure, I wanted to know WHY and I would look and research and in many cases do the research. One of our research studies using before and after MRIs can be found here!

  • Everything we do at our clinics and all the information we distribute is about the WHY.

2. Principle #2 - I held onto this one very tight. The principle is as follows…….. the spine functions best in very specific positions.  So what does this mean? The spine is constructed with vertebrae and discs and when everything is in the proper position the spine is strongest, the most stable and more importantly the very resilient.

  • Of all the procedures and strategies that I learned along the way I never defaulted from this core principle. 

  • The spine functions best when everything is in the most stable position.

sciatica pain relief resource center

I trained and studied under a Doctor early on in my career, he influenced me heavily on this topic.  His name is Dr Steve Troyanovich.  He successfully published several major studies in prominent medical journals about back pain. Some of his work has changed our understanding of the WHY of back problems.  

  • Through his work his team was able to identify the exact position that the spine functioned best in.

For several of his studies his team had access to thousands of x-rays along with the patient’s histories, physical exams and orthopedic exams.  Using this data they were able to follow up with the patients to identify over 10 years, what kind of back pain and problems each patient experienced.  What they found was that the patients that had their spine closest to the idea position had little or no problems….. resulting in little or no pain.

The patients that had their spines furthest form the normal positions had the most wear and tear, along with the most pain and problems with their backs.  This group (furthest from normal) stated that over the 10 year period they incrementally had more pain and wear and tear on the spine and discs resulting in greater problems.

  • Essentially using this information they were for the first time able to establish what were now considered the normal positions for the spine.

We have confirmed since then in our clinics using MRI that the patients that are the furthest from normal have the most severe problems; herniated discs, degenerated discs, stenosis, bulging discs and sciatica.  These conditions are all more prominent when the spine is furthest from the normal stable positions. We have also found out there are very specific functional reasons that cause the spine to be out of its normal position. This is the main key to eliminating back pain, herniated disc, bulging disc, stenosis and sciatica.

  • The Dr Troyanovich article that I leaned on the most in my journey was; J Spinal Disord. 1998 Oct;11(5):430-9.Elliptical modeling of the sagittal lumbar lordosis and segmental rotation angles as a method to discriminate between normal and low back pain subjects.

With these principles and my back pain as a barometer, I was able to move forward scientifically in my journey and continue to ask WHY.  WHY some things helped my back pain and WHY some things made my back pain much worse.  

Along the way knowing that;

  1. The spine needs to be in specific positions

  2. Asking WHY 1000s of times

  3. Me being the guinea pig

  • We ultimately were able to isolate four very important fundamentals. These fundamentals are necessary for eliminating the severe spinal conditions. When you identify these four, work to restore them to normal, the really bad problems get better. 

  • These conditions include Herniated disc, degenerated disc, bulging discs, stenosis, sciatica and most importantly failed back surgery syndrome.  

  • Applying the 4 components that we have isolated you can eliminate herniated discs and sciatica to the point where patients have canceled their surgeries and completely eliminated any need for painful spinal surgery.

These principles and the 4 components in our process of functional disc rehydration have stood the test of time and stood the test of scientific studies. My goal is to help all back pain sufferers better understand why and how this is my journey! 

For additional information on Functional Disc Rehydration, please visit the Request a FREE Consultation at Illinois Back Institute or call 888-959-6823. Our non-invasive treatment method has helped many people overcome sciatica and other back pain issues.

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