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What Are Some Herniated Disc Exercises to Avoid?

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Thu, Jan 30, 2014 @ 02:30 PM

herniated disc exercises to avoidThe discs in your spine, known as intervertebral discs, are narrow, oblong organisms that serve as pads between the bones of your back, known as the vertebrae. Each disc is structured from a soft gel core encircled by a strong, fibrous outer shell. This structure permits the disc to be rigid enough to maintain the space between the vertebrae; yet, soft enough to condense when the spine flexes during leaning, bending, and turning sideways.        

In some individuals, usually middle-aged adults, the disc’s sturdy outer shell becomes weak or incurs a small tear. If this happens, part of the disc’s softer inner core can protrude out of its normal position or herniate, resulting in a condition identified as a “herniated disc.” Still, scientists do not completely discern why discs herniate.

If the herniated disc presses on nerves in the neighboring spinal canal, this may cause a number of nerve related symptoms including pain, muscle weakness, and numbness. The condition can be worsened by exercises that distress the back, or place additional strain on the spinal column according to specialists. A herniated disc can become worse by performing the wrong exercises. Avoiding the following exercises will help to decrease the occurrence of a herniated disc.  

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Herniated Disc Exercises to Avoid


Spontaneous, jolting movements can trigger tremendous shock to the spine, according to orthopedic surgeons. However, not every weightlifting exercise affects the spine, but those that involve bending forward and then lifting, such as barbell clings or Romanian dead-lifts, could cause excessive shock to the spine. By performing unhurried, manageable movements when weightlifting and warming-up before beginning your movements, you can help yourself avoid injury. One thing you can do is in place of lifting heavy weights, decrease your lifting weight and do repetitions. This will lessen the amount of pressure on the back.

Twisting Exercises

A herniated disc frequently happens in the lumbar section of the spine, between the lower ribs and hips. These parts are where you normally twist. When you experience a herniated disc, twisting can be tricky. As a result, exercises or activities that demand twisting movements like bowling or karate can be hard to perform with a herniated disc.     

High-Impact Exercises

High-impact exercises incorporate striking the foot on the ground with a powerful impact. The shock is absorbed by your foot, moves up the leg, and affects your lower back. High-impact exercises include step aerobics, sprinting, jumping, running, or any other movements that incorporate running such as soccer or basketball.

Tip: Remember to practice the right stance when lifting weights. If you lift while being hunched over or with your back arched, you can cause injury to yourself, according to neck and back pain experts. Lifting while standing will place less strain on your back than lifting weights when seated.  

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