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Back Pain Specialist Chicago - Dan Hampton's Testimonial

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Fri, Jan 17, 2014 @ 03:18 PM

Back Specialist ChicagoChicago Bear Super Bowl Champ, Hall of Famer and Illinois Back Institute patient Dan Hampton had suffer with back pain due to the beatings he took for playing 12 years of professional football. In 1979, Dan was a rookie trying to prove himself. He was up against one of the best, Jackie Slater. When Dan went to tackle him he felt a large amount of pain going down his leg. From that point on his back never felt the same.

  • Dan Hampton’s MRI showed he was suffering with degenerated disc in his lower back and a pinched nerves in the neck. He has gone through 16 different knee operations over the year and did not want to go under the knife for his back.

He woke up every morning in pain knowing everything he did would worsen it. It came to a point where he couldn’t do much without being in constant pain. Dan’s wife, Gina, had been a patient of Illinois Back Institute a while back and she recommended Dan start doing therapy with us.

  • “Once you have chronic back pain the world kind of shrinks. You have to pick and choose what you can or should do. I knew it was only matter of time before I would have to go ‘Under the Knife.’ Then my wife, told me about Dr. Jeff. He has different techniques I had never seen before… You no longer are constantly thinking ‘can I do this or that’, you just do it – Pain Free!”

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80% of football players suffer from chronic back pain due to the wear and tear of the disc over the years. On day one Dr. Jeff identified the issue causing Dan’s pain and began to treat the problem without the use of drugs or surgery. He was impressed with how the therapy focused on the problem causing the pain. Dan signed up for treatment but had one request and that was to be able to swing a golf club pain free.

  • “I couldn’t play golf. I couldn’t walk without pain. It was hard to get out of bed of the bed. I had gotten to the point where I was at the end of the line.”

Through Functional Disc Rehydration™ we were able to take the pressure off the discs and treat his neck and lower back pain. Dan was also given different exercises and stretches to continue strengthening his back. When he finished treatment Dan was able to complete his main goal of swinging the golf club pain free!

  • “If your sick and tired of not being able to do everyday normal things in life because of the pain in your back then you need to call. You don’t need to be an NFL ball player that played a dozen years. Don’t wait around! You’re burning daylight! If you want to get better and you want to get your life back call right now!”
If you are suffering from chronic back or neck pain don’t waste anymore time. For a FREE Consultation call 888-959-6823 or go on our website You have nothing to lose but pain! 
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