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Solutions to Finding Back Pain Relief After Your Back Surgery Didn't Work

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Fri, May 30, 2014 @ 10:17 AM

Resuming your life after failed back surgery can be a big challenge, because not only must you deal with the same (or worse) pain as before surgery--you may feel deeply depressed. Depressed mood after back surgery can work against your overall health, so it’s important not to give up hope. Sometimes the best way to break out of post-back-surgery depression is to plan natural treatments to restore your health.

After back surgery didn't work, turn to natural back pain treatment methods, such as Functional Disc Rehydration™, that have a great track record. At Illinois Back Institute, we treat the aftermath of failed back surgeries quite often with natural methods. Don’t give up after failed back surgery!

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Natural non-invasive treatments have proven extremely effective

Natural treatments can help most types of back pain, even post surgery. We’ve developed an especially effective treatment that helps the body regain it’s normal function--in a natural and safe manner. This groundbreaking treatment was developed by a fellow back pain sufferer who just happened to be back specialist here at Illinois Back Institute. Functional Disc Rehydration™has helped patients recover from all types of back pain.

Dealing with specific complications and limitations after failed back surgery

There are lots of ways back surgery can go wrong, and technically surgery is irreversible. Once you recover from anesthesia and get out of the hospital, it may be several weeks to months before you can begin restorative natural back treatments. Learning more about natural treatments for back pain will help you prepare to feel and move better.

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Infection or nerve damage after back surgery

You may have been one of the unlucky patients who suffered an infection post-surgery. By the time you’re reading this, you're on the road to recovery. While actively fighting such an infection, your body and mind were completely focused on that. If you suffered an infection or nerve damage from back surgery, once healed, your back specialist can assess your condition. Then s/he can give you an idea of how natural treatments might help.

Post surgery muscle spasms and restricted movement from your back operation

During your surgical recovery period, your surgeon likely scheduled you for rehabilitative physical therapy. Once this is well underway, a back specialist can plan a natural course of treatment to restore your health. A personalized back recovery treatment plan can be designed to help relieve spasms, remaining sciatica nerve pain or newly-bulging disc pain. You should have a good chance, depending upon overall health, to regain your range of motion--with a customized natural back treatment plan. 

Scar tissue after back surgery

Scar tissue after failed back surgery can cause problems, limiting movement. Natural treatments can’t eliminate scar tissue--but they can reduce pain and restore your ability to move. 

Avoiding new spinal damage after back surgery

New back pain and injury can develop, since areas around your surgical site can be forced to take on more strain, and may weaken, after your surgical procedure. Look into natural, back-strengthening treatment--before any other locations along your spine begin to falter after surgery. Getting stronger is your best defense.

Eliminating pain after failed back surgery

If residual pain after back surgery is the same level you had before--or more severe--there's still hope. As soon as you're fully recovered from surgery, see a back specialist. S/he can assess your condition and help you get freedom from pain with safe, non-invasive treatments including Functional Disc Rehydration™.

Find out how to get back to normal life after failed back surgery: contact the Illinois Back Institute for a free consultation today!

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