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8 Questions to Ask a Functional Disc Rehydration Physician

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Mon, Jun 09, 2014 @ 10:16 AM

functional disc rehydrationIf you have back pain, you’re probably looking for an effective, safe and natural pain treatment that can relieve your symptoms quickly--and prevent them from returning. You’d probably also prefer a treatment methodology that provides relief over the long term and helps restore your spine and range of motion to a normal and healthy state.

Functional Disc Rehydration™ offers all these benefits and more. This groundbreaking treatment has brought patients with almost all types of back pain significant relief and restored them to a pain free lifestyle. Your treatment plan will be customized to your specific needs, so be sure to ask your back specialist the following questions and any others you may have. 

Will disc rehydration work for my particular type of back pain or disease?

Since this treatment method was developed, here at the Illinois Back Institute, it has proven effective for patients diagnosed with:

  • Spinal stenosis
  • Herniated discs, slipped discs or bulging discs
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Failed back surgery pain
  • Drug-resistant back pain
  • Pregnancy related back pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sciatica or nerve irritation
  • Spinal pain from past injuries and scar tissue
  • Lumbar pain (lower back), thoracic back pain (upper back) or cervical (neck) pain
  • Back pain from improper lifting, pulled muscles or repetitive stress
  • And more

Is spinal disc rehydration risky?

Functional Disc Rehydration™ treatment is safe. It carries none of the risks of other back treatments, like surgery risks or epidural complications or drug-related concerns. The treatment is completely natural--requiring no drugs or anesthesia.

Does the treatment take long to complete?

Every case is different, but it is common for patients to show noticeable improvement after their first spinal rehydration treatment. Disc rehydration may be combined with physical therapy, special exercises and other suitable treatments. The course of treatment and length will vary according to diagnosis of your pain, your age, your overall physical condition and other factors. Most herniated discs may be healed in a few short months. Some patients become pain-free from one treatment.

Is it expensive?

Disc rehydration requires no expensive recovery or hospital stays and no drugs. Depending on your diagnosis, the treatment, along with related physical therapy may be covered or partially covered by insurance.

Is the treatment painful?

Functional Disc Rehydration™ causes no additional pain (beyond the pain of the back condition/disease that you currently have), comparable with other natural treatments like physical therapy. A vast number of patients feel noticeable pain relief after one treatment. 

Can disc hydration treatment restore my range of motion?

Back pain often causes muscle spasm or limits movement. As disc hydration treatment takes effect, spasms, that pins-and-needles feeling and pain typically abate--improving range of motion.

What if surgery didn’t work?

Many of our patients have gone through failed back surgery. Surgical procedures of the spine can cause permanent damage, even paralysis. In many cases, pain returns after surgery in the same spot—or a nearby weakened area. Natural disc rehydration can help relieve pain from failed back surgery.

How does Functional Disc Rehydration therapy work?

The treatment alleviates pressure from flattened, dehydrated spinal discs, returning them to their original youthful thickness. Once fully hydrated, the treated discs again provide proper cushioning/shock absorption between spinal bones. The treatment allows needed nutrients and oxygen to flow--straight into nucleus of vertebral discs. Disc rehydration therapy can actually reverse disc degeneration and help you have a healthier spine.

This innovative back pain treatment was developed right here at The Illinois Back Institute. We offer a free back health consultation with a back specialist—so bring your questions and contact us today for an appointment!  

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