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Sciatica Nerve Pain Treatment

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Fri, Dec 13, 2013 @ 01:10 PM

Sciatica Nerve PainSciatica nerve pain is an extremely painful disorder that is very common. The pain is severe and can shoot up your leg and thigh and affect your back, your posture and even your confidence. Sufferers from sciatica find that they may even have problems walking as the pain can be crippling in intensity. Back pain overall is serious and often, surgery seems to be the only way to find some relief.

Functional disc rehydration is a new treatment that was developed by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer, D.C in partnership with the Illinois Back Institute. This innovate treatment is an effective, yet not-surgical option to permanently eliminating sciatica and chronic back pain. The process is drug-free and actually will reverse the degeneration of the discs in your back, which is the most likely culprit of your pain. The treatment will help to provide you with a stronger and healthier back without the risk of surgery, injections or drugs.

Your back is comprised of discs that make up the spine. These discs, when in their natural, healthy state, are flexible and filled with gel. The gel acts as a cushion between the vertebrae and stops them from rubbing together, which causes friction. When a disc has been worn down, it has less fluid, or is dehydrated. Without the proper oxygen and nutrients in the disc's nucleus, pain occurs and eventually worsens as the discs continue to degenerate.  




Because he suffered from back pain himself, Dr. Jeff was personally inspired to develop a treatment that had little to no recovery time and was free of drugs and invasive surgical procedures. He conducted a study along with a PAC 10 medical researcher in 2007. The results of the study showed that his treatment did indeed rehydrate discs and re-stimulate the muscles of the back, which helps to strengthen and stabilize the spine. The result? A back and legs free of pain and suffering. This treatment is safe and non-evasive and can work for anyone- from athletes to children alike. If you're experiencing back pain, you're a candidate for this cutting edge therapy. 

The Illinois Back Institute is proud to be able to provide treatment for your sciatica nerve pain without the use of drugs or the risks of invasive surgery. This revolutionary approach to back pain has left the world of medicine in awe, and many patients relieved from what was once chronic and severe back pain. 

You've been suffering from chronic sciatica nerve pain or any kind of neck or back pain, including: herniated and bulging discs, stenosis or sciatica, to name a few. You've tried other kinds of medical treatments, but they've been ineffective and risky. You're tired of taking prescription strength drugs just to relieve the pain, which never seems to stop. We understand and we want to help. It's time to take the pressure off, literally and try something new that works. Visit one of our five clinics in Illinois. We are located in Arlington Heights, Berwyn, Countryside, Orland Park and Wheaton. We can explain in depth our drug-free, non invasive treatments and give you new options toward healing and rejuvenating your back. Stop suffering and start living a back pain-free life. 

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