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Healing Sciatica Naturally Is Possible with Functional Disc Rehydration

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Mon, Dec 09, 2013 @ 10:40 AM

describe the imageThe pain that sciatica causes can make even the slightest movements uncomfortable. Those who suffer from this inflammation of the sciatic nerve usually end up seeing their doctor in order to discuss treatment. There’s no guarantee that conventional medical treatments will bring relief though. When you deal with sciatica on a regular basis, trying one traditional treatment method after another can be frustrating. 

Over-the-counter pain medications only give you short-term relief, while prescriptions medications can cause serious side effects and shouldn’t be used for long-term relief. Physical therapy can provide you with some relief from back pain, since you’ll be working toward regaining flexibility and making your back muscles stronger. It’s not always convenient to fit in several physical therapy sessions around your work schedule, though. Surgery is another option, but it’s a risky one. Surgical procedures for sciatica don’t always work or lead to long-term pain relief, and there’s a risk of developing complications during or after surgery.

Fortunately, there are natural ways to heal sciatica that are considered safe and effective. One of these is Functional Disc Rehydration, which involves restoring fluid to your affected discs. Sciatica can occur when a herniated disc or a bulging disc presses on your sciatic nerve, causing pain and irritation. These discs typically don’t have enough fluid to stay healthy, so allowing fluid to enter again helps them get the oxygen and nutrients they need. Rehydrating the discs also helps alleviate pressure on the sciatic nerve, which can relieve pain and restore flexibility.

What is Functional Disc Rehydration?

Functional Disc Rehydration is a successful form of back pain treatment that does not involve drugs, surgery or other invasive procedures. It was developed by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer of the Illinois Back Institute, who conducted a study in 2007 to test the method’s effectiveness. The study was done with the help of a biomechanics scientist at a PAC-10 university, and the results from it showed an 80 percent rehydration rate ten weeks after treatment, as well as a minimum rehydration rate of 18 percent after one treatment. 

How Does Functional Disc Rehydration Work?

The first part of this treatment involves having pressure taken off your discs as you move around, lie down or sit still. Once this is done, the other part of the treatment focuses on helping you gain strength in your back muscles and keep your spine stable in order to reduce the risk of experiencing back pain again. Functional Disc Rehydration is designed to work on people of all ages, and it has been effectively used on adults and children. Thanks to this method, you won’t have to worry about having injections, taking strong medications or undergoing surgery for back pain. 

For additional information on Functional Disc Rehydration, please visit the Request a Consultation at Illinois Back Institute. Our non-invasive treatment method has helped many people overcome sciatica and other back pain issues.


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