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How Do You Rehydrate a Degenerative Disc without Surgery

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Mon, Nov 04, 2013 @ 10:30 AM

leaving back pain behind resized 600If you suffer from painful degenerative disc disease (DDD), it means that your spinal discs are slowly flattening, providing less “cushion” between the bones of your spine. It even sounds painful, doesn’t it? For some, pain is excruciating and relatively constant, for others it may come on suddenly and often recurs.

The good news is: no matter where you are on the back pain continuum, it’s very likely that your discs can be successfully rehydrated. A gentle, non-invasive treatment called Functional Disc Rehydration™ is the key. The treatment can reduce or eliminate your suffering, as it did for all research study patients. Even better, this rejuvenation doesn’t require invasive, risky or drastic treatments like surgery.

How back pain happens

Disc degeneration and dehydration happens to most everyone with age, to a certain extent. Not everyone will feel pain from the condition, however, unless or until their discs (usually in the lower back) become very worn down or suddenly rupture. There’s a lot of pressure placed on the lower back (lumbar area) just from sitting, standing and doing normal daily activities--so losing that vital cushion causes pain.

Your vertebral discs are made mostly of water. Without proper hydration, pain builds as your discs flatten and dry out until they’re no longer flexible and pliable. The tough outer cartilage containing the disc fluid weakens, gets gradually squashed and may bulge out, slip out of place or rupture due to the pressure. For some people, this happens faster and earlier in life than others.

What’s even worse, your discs are being starved and suffocated with lack of access to nutrition. There is no direct blood supply to the discs, so nutrients and oxygen must be transferred in the spinal fluid—which isn’t getting into the compressed, dehydrated, degenerative discs. The damage is continually adding up, until you get proper treatment.

Research shows results

A formal research study of Functional Disc Rehydration™ found that, overwhelmingly, participants experienced total elimination of damaged, herniated and bulging discs. The study, conducted by treatment developer Dr. Jeff Winternheimer, D.C., in conjunction a PAC-10 University researcher, covered more than 50 patients in their 30s through their 80s. Over 10 weeks of treatment, patients experienced 80% rehydration of the discs, with noticeable results after just one treatment session.

Get treated with Functional Disc Rehydration

This natural and gentle treatment method decompresses and rehydrates degenerative discs. As your back and spinal discs are treated, discs begin to plump up with essential nutrients and fluid, pressure decreases and is better distributed along the spine. With proper hydration, your discs can return to their former strong and healthy state. Soon, your body’s revitalized shock absorbers are back in business, cushioning the spinal vertebrae and providing ease of movement. Many patients emerge completely pain free from treatment.

Functional Disc Rehydration™ is a research-tested therapy that does what was once thought impossible: rejuvenates and restores damaged discs. The treatment can also help prevent future damage to the spine, while also improving brain and lung function--and overall health. Learn more with a free consultation at the Illinois Back Institute, co-founded by Dr. Jeff. 

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