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Multiple Bulging Discs, Herniated Disc & Leg Pain From Sciatica – Cheryl Meyer

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Mon, Sep 23, 2013 @ 01:50 PM

After injuring her back for the second time Cheryl Meyer did not want to go through surgery but needed help. In 2011, Cheryl hurt her back after rolling over in her bed. She felt a sudden shooting pain down her leg. After that she started physical therapy and continued to do so for 12 weeks. The therapy was helpful and did lesson the pain until March of 2013 when she twisted wrong causing a larger more intense shooting pain going down her leg.

Cheryl’s MRI showed that she was suffering from 2 bulging discs, a herniated disc and sciatica. When Cheryl came into the Illinois Back Institute she was having a lot of trouble sleeping throughout the night. Cheryl was taking all types of pain medicine daily to get her through the pain. Her pain level was a 5 out of 10. Her goals at the beginning of treatment was to stop the numbness going down to her heel & have the nerve sensation come back. 

Cheryl is now at the end of her treatment and is in ZERO pain! She is back to living her life normally like before her injury. When we asked her about our staff she said, “If you’re doing something wrong there’s always someone there to correct you and everybody’s very nice and pleasant.”

“It’s something to try because if you don’t want to go through surgery and beyond medication this is the place to go because it’s worked for me. I was taking anti-inflammatories and pain medicine and now I don’t take any of that,” said Cheryl Meyer

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