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L5 Bulging Disc Treatment – Mike Dressel

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Mon, Sep 09, 2013 @ 10:29 AM

Mike Dressel had been suffering with back pain due to a bulging disc in his l5 area. This injury occurred while he was playing tennis. Mike continued to play tennis over the next 3 months and the pain gradually worsened. The pain got so bad that he had to give up playing tennis and playing any other type of sports.

Mike tried a few different types of therapies for his pain. He went to a physical therapist, approxin medicine, and cortizone shots. Mike said, “they all relieved some pain but never actually cured the problem.” He then went to a doctor to see if surgery would be an option. His doctor explained that surgery would invovle shaving off the disc that was bulging out and this would lead to long term problems. Mike decided that surgery would be the wrong way to go so he searched for anothere option.

Proven Success with Thousands of Patients Mike came into the Illinois Back Institute with a pain level of three that was consistent throughout the day. He was having difficultly sitting or standing for long periods of time. He had to give up playing tennis and any other sports or exercise. After only 3 weeks of therapy his pain level is already at a zero! Mike is now getting back to being active again. “I played tennis last Friday and I had very minimal pain compared to significant pain the last time I had tried playing a few months ago,” said Mike.

When Mike started treatment at Illinois Back Institute his main goals were to play tennis again and to live his life without pain. He is only 3 weeks in and feels that he is almost there and will complete his goal by the end of his therapy. When asked what he would tell others who are suffering with back pain about the Illinois Back Institute Mike said, “I would explain how much its helped me and that in my 3rd week of treatment I’m already feeling significantly better and I would highly recommend it.”



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