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Do You have the Symptoms of a Thoracic Herniated Disc?

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Mon, Oct 28, 2013 @ 10:30 AM

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Do you have some mysterious aches and pains in your upper body? How about the feeling ofpins and needles in your legs? You may have a thoracic herniated disc. A herniated (bulging), disc in the spinal area between the neck and the lower rib cage (the thoracic area) can bring about a whole host of seemingly unrelated symptoms. You don’t have to have been in an accident recently to have a herniated disc, nor do you necessarily have back pain at first. If you have any of these symptoms (or a combination) see your physician right away for diagnosis:

  • Dull, continual upper back pain
  • Upper back pain that comes and goes
  • Sudden back pain
  • Pain extending into the neck or the lower back areas
  • Stomach pain
  • Groin pain
  • Burning pain that shoots down one or both legs
  • Ticklish pain, sometimes described as a mild electrical shock sensation in the legs
  • Overactive reflexes and involuntary spastic movements
  • Pain behind the breastbone and/or extending around the chest wall
  • Problems walking or keeping your balance
  • Numbness in legs
  • Incontinence, bladder or bowel problems

Any and all of these symptoms may stem from a thoracic herniated disc. As you can see, this wide range of symptoms may mimic any number of other medical conditions, including: hernia, kidney stones, gallbladder, heart attack or other conditions. Get emergency medical attention if you have chest pains or any of the italicized, more serious, symptoms above.

Find out if you have a thoracic herniated disc

In many cases, you needn’t continue suffering--because your herniated disc may be easily treated. So don’t hesitate—see your back specialist to isolate the true source of your pain. In the event that you have a more serious condition, being evaluated by a physician is even more crucial. No matter what, you owe it to yourself to get diagnosed. Don’t avoid the problem, don’t discount your symptoms and don't let worry take over. You may be enduring pain needlessly or even putting your life in danger.

Simple, natural herniated disc treatment

If you are diagnosed to be suffering from a thoracic herniated discs or discs, the cause may be as simple as aging and repetitive stress injury. You might also have scar tissue from prior injuries or a cracked spinal vertebra or a number of other causes. The good news is that there are effective, non-invasive and natural back pain treatments that can bring you relief and even eliminate the pain. The most promising for many patients is Functional Disc RehydrationTM,  a simple and effective back pain treatment developed by the Illinois Back Institute and its founder, Dr. Jeff Winternheimer, D.C.

Find out more about the cause of your back pain and Dr. Jeff's innovative treatment. Get started today on the path toward ending the mystery and misery of your pain. Contact the Illinois Back Institute for a free back pain consultation. Visit us online or call today.

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