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4 Ways to Make Dealing with Sciatica Bearable

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Tue, Sep 10, 2013 @ 08:07 AM

sciatica lower back painWhile there are all sorts of issues that can cause back pain, some of the worst cases are often associated with sciatica. Sciatica is caused when the sciatic nerve becomes pinched. This nerve runs from the lumbar region of the back to the pelvis, buttocks, and into the back of each leg. This means that problems can occur either inside or outside of the spinal canal. The pain ranges from feeling like a terrible cramp to a shooting pain that is so excruciating, it makes it near impossible to stand or sit. 

Sciatica can develop over time or come on all at once. In addition to the pain, it is not uncommon to experience numbness, weakness, tingling sensations, burning, and difficulty bending your knees, ankles, or toes. There are many direct causes of the condition including: 

  • Spinal stenosis 
  • Traumatizing events 
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • A slipped or herniated disc
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Osteoporosis or typical wear and tear

If you have sciatica, your doctor may recommend surgery, but there are risks associated with doing so. Furthermore, there are no guarantees the procedure will even remedy the problem. Fortunately, there are alternatives to surgery that can work just as well if not better. Try these four ways to make dealing with sciatica bearable. 

  1. Rest 
    Rest can be extremely helpful in dealing with sciatica. This is because it gives your muscles time to relax and your blood the opportunity to deliver more oxygen to the area so that the healing process accelerates. Giving your body some extra rest will help you get back on your feet again faster.
  2. Physical Therapy and Other Exercise
    Utilizing exercises that will improve your flexibility and posture will help your body alleviate the pressure on your sciatic nerve naturally. There are also exercises you can do to help strengthen and relax your muscles at the same time. This will make your body stronger without tightening any more pressure around the problem area.
  3. Natural Remedies
    There are many herbal and homeopathic remedies that you can take advantage of as well to deal with the pain associated with sciatica. Alternating hot and cold compresses will bring the inflammation down, numb the pain, and help to increase blood flow to the area.

    Herbs such as Devil’s Claw, Matricaria recutita and Arctium lappa all have very impressive anti-inflammatory properties. Finally, Colocynthis as well as Rhus tox are both known to alleviate stiffness, nerve pain, and muscle soreness. 

    Add pineapples to your diet! They contain a host of anti inflammatory enzymes that help the body heal. This enzyme is very powerful, and very potent in treating sciatica. Pineapples are one of the fastest actors. Unlike other foods, that you have to build up in your system before you can really feel an impact on your sciatica, this enzyme wastes no time getting to work. Having pineapple in your daily diet can decrease the pain with your sciatica.

  4. Functional Disc Rehydration Therapy
    As a non-surgical, non-invasive, and drug free treatment, functional disc rehydration is a revolutionary new way to STOP your back pain and reverse any disc degeneration problems. This includes those that put pressure on the sciatic nerve. The treatment works by alleviating pressure from the vertebral discs to promote the entrance of higher levels of oxygen and nutrients to the center of each disc’s nucleus. From there, the process moves toward reactivating and reintegrating all of the muscle groups in the back to strengthen and stabilize the spine. In turn, this can sometimes eliminate sciatica symptoms altogether. 

How have you tried to combat the pain associated with sciatica? The Illinois Back Institute has extensive experience with treating this problem as well as stenosis, degenerated disc, neck pain, herniated, and bulging discs. For more information regarding the alternative treatments that may resolve your sciatica issues, request a free back consultation.

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